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Coronavirus: ‘This isn’t a normal bank vacation’ – Britons warned to stay home

Britons are being warned this isn’t a “normal bank holiday weekend” in a quote to motivate them to withstand the temptations of the warm weather and stop the spread of coronavirus.

A leading policeman stated if some people continued overlooking the COVID-19 lockdown laws over the Easter weekend then the federal government might enforce harder steps.

John Apter, national chair of the Authorities Federation of England and Wales, pleaded with those people still overlooking the guidelines to stay inside – regardless of what’s projection to be a bright and warm couple of days for numerous.

Benches are taped off on Bournemouth boardwalk

Verification that the lockdown will be extended is anticipated next week

Up until now, a minimum of 7,978 people with COVID-19 have actually passed away throughout the UK

The UK is simply over 2 weeks into the lockdown, which looks set to be extended by the federal government at the assured review point next Thursday.

‘ We’re refrained from doing yet’ – Raab prompts people to withstand the sunlight

David Lewis, deputy chief constable of Dorset Authorities, informed Sky News that officers would be stationed on arterial roadways to examine people aren’t going to vacation houses or beauty areas this weekend.

“My guidance would be: If you have to ask yourself ‘is this an essential journey’ then it probably isn’t, so turn round and stay home,” he stated.

Some forces will be inspecting essential roadways to ensure people aren’t breaking the guidelines

Authorities Federation chief Mr Apter stated the “vast majority” of Britons are following the law however a minority are either “genuinely confused by the guidance or they’re completely oblivious to the dangers”.

“Policing is a tough job at the best of times but in some areas it’s making that difficult job even more difficult,” he informed Sky News’ All Out Politics.

“I would beg the public – please, take the advice and stay at home, unless you have to venture out for those essential journeys.”

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He warned if people were permitted to sit and have barbecues in parks – even if with members of their own house and observing social distancing – then it would rapidly become “any other normal bank holiday weekend where the parks are packed full of people wanting to enjoy the sunshine”.

“We are not in a normal bank holiday weekend, and it’s about trying to encourage and support the public,” Mr Apter added.

” This is not lockdown; lockdown is what we have actually seen on mainland Europe and we do not desire to go there.

“But my fear is that if people continue to ignore this guidance, these rules that have been laid before parliament, then the government could go further. Nobody wants that.”

Stephen Powis, medical director of NHS England, restated the point – informing Sky News that “just because the sun is out doesn’t mean we should be out”.

He advised people to stay at home so the nation can “lock down the benefits of the lockdown” and stop more deaths.

Inside among London’s worst- struck health centers

“We’re hopeful we’re beginning to see a plateau. But we need to keep complying with the instructions – that’s the way that plateau will then translate into a drop,” he described.

“And that’s the way we will have the best chance of minimising the number of deaths we will see.”

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