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contractor death Status: Karnataka minister Eshwarappa finally decided to quit smoking

Two days after being named as the accused in A case has been registered over The “Abnormal death” of Civil Contractor, Karnataka Minister and senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader KS Ashwaraba announced He will resign from the State Council of Ministers on Friday.

I served as Minister of Rural Development in Albomai government. “I have decided today that I will resign from my position as a minister tomorrow,” Aishwaraba said during a short while. media instructions in shivamoja on Thursday.

The minister said he would resign “to prevent embarrassment of the BJP” and would submit his resignation to Bomai. in Bengaluru.

Contractor was Santhush Patel (40) found dead Tuesday in hut in adobe region. suspected to have consumed poisonThe police are investigating the matter as a suspected case of suicide.

before him deathPatel accused Eshwarappa and his comrades of Non-release of payments for road work worth 4 crore rupees, which he had carried out In the village of Hindalga in Pelagavi, and “claims commission of 40 percent.”

Responding to the Eshwarappa announcement, Bomai said they had spoken in evening and so decision Captured after ‘a lot of consideration.”

He said he has full confidence He is not involved in Which way in The thing is that he has moral courage, but if he continues to give a lot of people a chance To speak up and cause embarrassment. he said this should It did not happen and that the investigation should be completed as soon as possible and truth should Come out. . said truth will result in the fall of cases against Bomay said.

a veteran Leader of BJP in Karnataka and hard-Core RSS man, Eshwarappa is known to have enjoyed the support of BJP Central Command over the years. Koruba OBC community The leader was often used by the BJP to counter the hegemony of the powerful Linjayat BS Yudurapa over The party.

“There was no pressure from party senior leadership on The issue. We informed them of Circumstances of the incident. Eshwarappa decided to resign of He said, “of his own volition.”

on the probability of Bomaye said the case has been referred to a major investigative agency: “Let’s us first Obtain the preliminary investigation report.

The contractor is said to have sent letters to reporters and friends on Monday night in Belagavi, where he came from, claiming that Eshwarappa should a necklace responsible for for him death.

On Tuesday night, Aishwaraba was named as the accused in condition of agitation of Suicide by Udupi City Police on the basics of Complaint filed by Prashant Patil, and brother of The undertaker.

Eshwarappa looked defiant at first on Although Bommai has indicated that a resignation will be sought after the FIR. The minister had previously claimed that he had not know Patel, sue for defamation against for him on March 14.

On Wednesday, the opposition congress approached Governor Thwarchand Jhelot and sought Ishwaraba removed from the Cabinet so is arrest. The leader of JD(S) HD was Kumaraswamy also call for Minister’s resignation.

Ishwaraba announcement on Thursday came as Congress decided to hold a night-time protest to demand his ouster after laying siege to the Pomay’s residence. in Morning.

Description announcement as “victory” for The people of Congress State President DK Shivakumar said: “We have demand he is also This is a case should To be registered under prevention of Corruption Act. for us second demand Is this the should To be arrested and a judicial investigation is conducted should To connect.”

On Wednesday, Aishwaraba looked defiant at a press conference in Shivamoja. “Without a doubt of Never resign… want to say people of Karnataka that we conduct a typical investigation and find them out who he is behind This plot. That’s my country demandhe had said.

There are no valid documents show The contract has been awarded for Rural Development Department to say that the payment can be madehe had said.


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