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Conspiracy on cause split between the army, Imran absurdity: Fawad Ch.

ISLAMABAD: former federal minister and PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry on Thursday dubbed “conspiracies and machinations” cause the split between PTI chairman Imran Khan and the army is “ridiculous and absurd”, confirming that former PM always worked for prosperity of country.

“The head of PTI has time and again categorically stated that he did not have a penny abroad and the man who has all the interests in Pakistan will always be want The country’s army is being strengthened,” said Fawad Ch, speaking at a press conference. in Islamabad is here. The PTI stalwart pointed out out that Pakistan progress and integrity were hinged on his army, saying that it one point of view and agenda of PTI chairman.

” politics of Imran Khan revolves around the country and its public and the army is an integral part of in people”. Therefore, Fawad Ch went on to say that all attempts to create a gap between Imran Khan and the Army were “absurd”. “AND way it was done, very disappointing” former minister said adding that new era of atrocities and barbarism began. in Pakistan.

Negotiations of the leader of PTI came in response to the government’s allegations that Imran and his party members spread hate against institutions of the country.

Earlier this week Shahbaz Gill was also arrested on accusations of rebellion and incitement public against state institutions.

Fawad Ch regretted that women as well as children choose upreferring to arrest of wife of Gills driver.

“We saw, director news of ARY News has been selected up late at night from him house. He has young children who there is now in injuries,” Fawad Ch said, adding that they force [people] accept them government.

But this cannot be, because people will only accept who they choose, not those who imposed – he added.

“Astroturf at Lahore hockey rink intact”

Speaking about the upcoming PTI rally at the hockey rink in Lahore, Fawad Ch. said that AstroTurf is not giving up there.

Previously in day there were reports that AstroTurf in the stadium was torn apart for going to the party on August 13 with number of people criticism move.

In his media conversation, the PTI leader said that party took”full responsibility” to ensure that any part of the stadium was unaffected, including AstroTurf, adding that its replacement was already separately of in governmentplan.

“They destroyed it during the reign of Nawaz Sharif and it still needs to be replaced,” he said. Therefore, we consulted with Punjab government and came to the conclusion that new astroturf will be laid in Earth.”

Fawad Ch went on that PTI bore the costs of rally on August 13, confident that the meeting will show love people of Lahore had for in party and Imran.

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