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Conservative MPs warn Liz Truss: ‘Don’t turn right’ amid concerns of ‘Thatcher tribute government’

Conservative MPs warned Liz Truss not to hesitate government to the right if, as expected, she wins over her rival is Rishi Sunak and becomes prime minister next a week.

Conservative MPs warned that new The conservative leader must not leave the center square or surround himself with inner circle of right allies now that general elections are coming up.

One former minister said: “I suspect she will go for beautiful hard-Brexit, right, Thatcher-tribute government”.

Liz Truss is the favorite to replace Boris Johnson as leader of the Conservative Party. prime minister

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Liz Truss is the favorite to replace Boris Johnson as leader of the Conservative Party. prime minister

(PA wire)

Calls came like union leaders urged Ms Truss to ‘confess’ on her plans for workers’ rights after reports that she wants review EU remedies.

next prime minister collides with a mountain battle unite the Conservative Party after a tense leadership struggle marked by series of bitter blue-on- blue attacks.

There are fears that Ms Truss will become tribute act of Margaret Thatcher


Just last month, Mr. Sunak warned that Ms. Truss plans would make vulnerable people in risk of “real poverty”, while her former Cabinet colleague Michael Gove described her as “on holiday from reality”.

Within a few weeks of downing street entrance government She is expected to introduce an emergency budget that will include her planned controversial tax cut that many Conservative MPs fear will fuel already rapid inflation.

Other concerned that her comments about “handouts” voiced early in election campaign means that any support offered to households over in cost of Life this winter will do little to affect what is predicted to be “terrible.” drop in living standards.

Despite the early promise, many expect Rishi Sunak to lose. on Monday

(PA wire)

Deputies called on Ms Truss to appoint a cabinet representing different “wings” of in party. “Loyalty matters, but competence also matters” one said.

Kevin Hollinreik, Sunak supporter and member of a select committee of the Commons Treasury, warned Ms Truss against cutting taxes at the same time as failing to offer adequate support households who will suffer this winter.

He said new prime minister should do not fall for the “bait” and must remember that parties win elections from the center of the earth.

When it came to leadership elections, he said, “You play a little in the crowd in these contests but what you don’t want then continue it and think only about [Tory] members. [Your policies have] should become mainstream. This is what my constituents support. If we are properly dragged, we in serious trouble.”

Boris Johnson says goodbye to prime minister on Monday after three years

(PA wire)

One former minister predicted that Mrs Truss would struggle unite party at a time when some forecasts suggest that inflation could rise to 18 percent, especially as many Conservative MPs believe her plan for tax cuts and spending increases will “warm up” problem.

But one rear bench in red wall seat, who supported Mr. Sunak, predicted that the Conservative MPs “will get behind whoever new prime minister – “as long as she gives us get something behind”.

winner of long leadership contest to be revealed at lunchtime on Monday. They will be asked to form government in next the day after they went to Balmoral to meet the queen.

And only after they return to London later in the day, they are expected to make personnel changes and appoint appointments to their cabinet.

About this question of a review of workers’ rights, TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said, “The Liz Truss number one a priority should to be help families pay their bills this winter.

“Threatening hard-won workers’ rights is last thing country and work people need. She should tell about her plans”.

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