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Conservative MPs criticize Ben Goldsmith over to praise for Extinction Rebellion | conservatives

Conservative MPs criticized Ben Goldsmith and called for for his resignation as chairman of Conservative Ecological Network (CEN) and director in Defra after he voiced support for Extinction Rebellion.

Financier and environmentalist, who is sitting on Defra board apologized after criticizing Labor’s tough stance against Just Stop Oil protests, during which activists blocked fuel distribution terminals. He said he didn’t have plans to retire.

goldsmith, brother of in minister and peer Zach tweeted: “Not good Labour’s view. The protesters are right to do their best to wake up people up. The fossil fuel industry is dirty and dangerous. We need get rid of our addiction as soon as possible. I with Extinction Rebellion”.

Shadow justice secretary Steve Reed, replied: “This is from a conservative official is an insult people facing misery trying to get to work. While government continues to refuse to act, Labor called for for immediate orders to put an end to this violation.”

The Conservative MP called for Jeweler in step down from their positions at Defra and CEN. Chris Loder MP for West Dorset and member of CEN stated: “Ben Goldsmith interferes inappropriately in political issues when he Defra director hangs on to his brother’s coattails. He should either resign and stand for elections or be fired.

He threatened step down himself from CEN, which Goldsmith founded if the financier was still a member by the end of day. conservative group includes 133 deputies, half of all Tory supporters. Loder previously grappled with horns with environmentalist after claiming rare white-tailed eagles were not welcome in his constituency, and that the police should give priority to investigating other crimes over wild nature crime. Jewelry campaigns for reintroduction of wild species, including white-tailed eagles.

Other who criticized Goldsmith’s tweet, including Faye Jones MP for Brecon and Radnorshire, and former cabinet minister Damian Green, both on conservative whatsapp group.

In a message of apology to CEN MPs, Goldsmith said: “I tweeted this morning in my sympathies for Extinction rebellion protests. Support of ER is neither a CEN nor a Defra position. So I retracted those tweets.

“I recognize that these protests are damaging people’s lives and livelihoods. In the past, I have always spoken out publicly against the controversial and often insane methods used by ER. At the same time I know I’m not alone in feeling rising meaning of panic reportedly science getting darker. Awareness and action are incommensurable with scale of in the issue even if we in UK now leading in way globally.”

BUT government the source said: “Ben expressed a personal view of the wrong of in government. People have the right to protest and issue of climate change is very important. That is why we are taking such ambitious steps to address this issue. But these XR protests are not peaceful protests, they are destroying people’s lives and this is completely unacceptable. That’s why government takes drastic measures to stop them.”

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