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conservative leadership race: ‘I won”Don’t Criticize” Sunaka over last night fight, says Farm

liz Truss criticizes Rishi Sunak’s plan to move forward with planned corporate tax increase.

The collection is due to rise 19 percent to 25 percent next year. Miss Truss said she would stop rise while Mr. Sunak committed to implement it as planned.

Speaking to Sky News, the Foreign Minister was asked about the IMF. world economic update (cm. post below at 15.22), from which it followed that not cutting taxes and saving expenses down this is way forward.

She said, “Let’s be clear, his (Rishi Sunaka) plan is to raise taxes. He plans to raise taxes on corporations by imposing our taxes up to the level of France. It’s about to deliver off people who want invest in Britannia. And I know there are masses of opportunities right across the country.

“Less investment will mean fewer jobs, fewer opportunities, lower wages and lower productivity. in in future. So what is it cutting off our nose to spite our face. fact we promised in our manifesto is not to raise national insurance. I thought it was wrong at the time to do it, which is why I would change it.

“I also want put money in people pockets. I could quote the OECD who said that our current policy is restraining. And what does it mean, it will lead to a recession. A recession would be a disaster, it would be a disaster for people who are homeowners. It would be a disaster for people who go out to work. It would be a disaster for people who run enterprises.

“That’s why I want reduce taxes, attract investment, get growth. it best way to pay down our debt”.

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