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Conservative colleague Michel Monet settles libel suitfor more than 50 thousand pounds | conservatives

Fellow Conservative Michel Monet paid compensation believed to have been more than £50,000 to settle a libel suit from former friend of Indian heritage who previously accused her of sending him a racist message, calling him “empty of white skin of a man.

Richard Linton-Jones sues Lady Monet for slander over she comments made in in media in January after Guardian first reported racist and offensive messages she allegedly sent him in June 2019 Monet’s lawyers confirmed that she and Linton-Jones had reached an agreement, although they declined to confirm that she paid him, or how there were many settlements.

In the statement they said was jointly made with Linton-Jones, Monet’s lawyers, said: “Both sides have settled their differences. on no fault or damage in over an alleged racist statement, and the case is now closed.”

Monet, conservative of house of Lords since 2015 allegedly sent WhatsApp messages during controversy after fatal yacht crash off Coast of Monaco in in which a crew member died. She appears to have blamed Linton-Jones and his then-partner. of showing little respect after the crash, they denied the accusation.

Screenshots of messages seen by the Guardian looked like show Tory colleague, answering after Linton-Jones told her back off, writing: “your [sic] Low life, waste of the male [sic] white skin so don’t give us your lies. Your [sic] a total a shame.”

Monet also seemed to make derogatory remarks about mental health of Partner of Linton-Jones, describing her as “retarded” and “crazy bird”.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed in January that they investigated Monet, but have now closed the investigation.

The Met said in a statement: “In June 2021, police received a complaint about of racist malicious messages in attitude to use of messaging app. A 50-year- the old woman was questioned with caution in January 2022 After review of evidence and advice with The Crown Prosecution Service has decided that no further action will be taken. If further information come to light this will be further investigated. The applicant was updated”.

When the Guardian first Monet was asked about the messages by a rep of a fellow conservative initially said, “Baroness Monet is not 100% racist. Baroness Monet and her husband [the Isle of Man-based financier Douglas Barrowman] have built over 15 schools in Africa in in past three years.”

Her lawyers later submitted another statement questioning the authenticity of messages stating that Monet “has no access to them and no” detailed memory of them”.

“Baroness Monet, in Any event very strongly denies that she is racist, sexist or that she has a flaw of respect for those people who really suffer with mental health difficulties.”

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Statement added that it was “as illogical as it is inconceivable that she could or would made such comment or made it with slightest racist intent” as she did not know at the time that Linton-Jones “was anything other than a white British as his appearance is 100% white, with crystal English accent.

Separately, Monet is still under scrutiny in related to PPE Medpro, which was awarded £203 million. in government Contracts for PPE via “VIP lane”. In April, the National Crime Agency launched an investigation into possible fraud related to the company and searched several addresses. At that time lawyers for Monet and PPE Medpro declined to comment. Monet has consistently denied any involvement in company.

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