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Congressional Fraudster Receives $500,000 Bail and Released, Reports The New York Times

The New York Times reported that the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York released congressman George Santos, accused of fraud, on $500,000 bail.

Under the terms of the release, the congressman is free to move around New York and Washington, but he will need to notify the authorities if he wants to travel to other parts of the country.

Santos was taken into custody on Wednesday ahead of his trial. During the hearing, the congressman was charged with wire fraud, money laundering and providing false information to the US Congress.

Santos pleaded not guilty to all charges. The next court hearing in the congressman’s case is scheduled for June 30.

Some time ago, American newspapers called Santos “the biggest fraud” and said that he lied about almost everything, from his name to his education and even the death of his mother.

Source: TASS


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