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Congress vs Tejasvi Syria BJP on post showing burnt khaki shorts

The controversial Congress post Show a burnt pair of khaki shorts in A clear hit in RSS

conspiracy post Features a burning pair of khaki shorts in A clear blow to ideological mentor Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh of BJP triggered a new clash on Twitter in the background of Rahul Gandhi’s “Bharat Gudu” march nationwide.

Congress wrote using the hashtag #BharatJodoYatra in Tweet this morning: “To free the country from shackles of Hate and undo the damage BJP-RSS has done. Step by Step-stepwe will get to goal. “

Image of The burnt khaki pants commented: “145 days more Togo.”

The tweet did not mention the name of the RSS feed although it did clearly mention the organization’s branded shorts.

“that they want To connect people for hate. They have hate for us for Long time now. they father Grandpa tried to stop RSS but the RSS didn’t stop and it kept growing as we kept getting it support From people, said M Vaidya, RSS leader.

The BJP also demanded that the tweet be taken down and party Representative Tejasvi Syria said the tweet was typical of Congress’ Ecosystem of Hanf”.

This image is symbolic of Congress politics – of lighting fires in Country. set fires in The past burn them in bone of India. The remaining coals in Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh will also is being reduced To ashes very soon Mr. Surya tweeted.

“Congress fire Delhi burned in 1984. The ecosystem burned alive 59 karsevaks in Godhra in 2002. They have again Given their ecosystem a call for HNF.

Fighting with Rahul Gandhi against Indian state’, Congress is no longer political party with Faith in constitutional means.

BJP spokesman Sampet Batra accused the Congress of Trying to incite violence.

This tweet is nothing but incitement people for violence on Gandhi family, said Mr. Batra.

The Congress defended his tweet and said the BJP and RSS were “not used” to Congress being aggressive.

“Those who set fires of hate, these who kindling fire of Bigotry and prejudice, you must be willing to take some things back in same currency senior Congress Party leader Jerome Ramesh.

“If I were to enumerate the method in Raised by the BJP and its followers in fueling hatred, prejudice, lies and falsehood… RSS and BJP are not accustomed to aggressive response from Congress. When Congress gets aggressive, they back off said Mr. Ramesh.

Rahul Gandhi launched his 150 km nationwide ‘Bharat Gudu Yatra’ last week. The leader of the conference said to him campaign Aims to unite a nation divided by ideology of Dislikes.

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