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Computerworld Flip Management with compliance at Ovitas Hungary

The epidemic period and the consequent travel and travel restrictions, telecommuting transformations for IT decision-makers, business leaders involved in IT decisions, and all other readers interested in enterprise IT cause difficulties for them. That’s why our editorial staff has decided to make it easier to access printed issues of Computerworld magazine from 2021.

A taste of the content:

Can we avoid the digital revolution in pay? – Page 4
Joining Google Pay alongside Apple Pay has given up the lesson of the counter-camp of mobile shopping. But can we avoid the web of big tech companies?

E-Case Compliance – Page 5
Cloud and artificial intelligence are transforming enterprise content management, but the need for legal information management at all times is eternal. As the first domestic partner of ELO Digital Office, Ovitas Hungary has developed a certified document management solution that facilitates electronic case management in both the public and competitive sectors.

For process digitization – Page 8
Automation can accelerate their digital transformation with the new software capabilities announced by Software AG at the conXion ’21 conference. ARIS’s process mining toolbar has been augmented with reasoning, version control, and automated content translation, and access to the latest webMethods DataHub provides networked business with near real-time analytics and decision-making.

in the metaversion – page 10
Yes, in the plural, because there will be more of the metaversion, according to Microsoft. At its annual technology conference, the software company has already unveiled two of them – Dynamics 365 in Connected Spaces in stores and factories, and Mesh for Microsoft Teams for interoperability in the physical and digital worlds.

NISZ has been the engine of e-government for 10 years – page 12
In October this year, NISZ celebrated its tenth anniversary Nemzeti Infokommunikációs Szolgáltató Zrt., Which has made significant changes in the Hungarian public administration system at both the central and regional levels compared to 2010. Through magyarorszag.hu, the Customer Gateway, the 1818 Government Customer Line and indirectly the public administration IT services, there are no longer any citizens who would not be able to use its services.

What Covid has done for you – page 14
One of the winners of the pandemic is “home delivery”. In this highly competitive market, you can only survive with speed, accuracy, innovative solutions and efficiency. In addition to creating a serious logistical background, this could be the renewal of the fleet with electric vehicles in the name of sustainable development. It is no coincidence that this sector tested twice as many electric vans this year as last year.

Permanent transformation – page 16
Although many of the digitization projects have remained on track, organizations that can once again address their long-term strategic goals will spend even more on transformation technologies from 2022 onwards. IDC. More and more smart and automated solutions are being introduced by European companies to increase business efficiency and digital resilience

Sustainability in the fintech sector – page 17
Due to the UN COP26 climate summit, sustainability efforts have once again come to the fore in the international political arena. The conference in Glasgow, Scotland, also provided a wealth of news and commitments, but many object to the methods and deadlines for achieving the reduction targets.

in financial cyberspace – page 18
The European Commission is preparing a single legal framework to harmonize the fight against cyber-attacks

Humans and robots need to work together – Page 20
Interview with Vincz With Daniel, Deputy CEO of Mollia

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