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come out of homes for Khakiki Azadi on 26 November Imran calls the nation

  • Says he will lead long march, despite the threats to life, bad Health status
  • Tells PBS that not conducting polls immediately could lead to chaos

LAHORE/ISLAMABAD: former prime minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Thursday called on all Pakistanis to take part in his party’s advertised long march on Saturday (tomorrow) in what seems to be his final showdown with current government to force announce the date of early elections.

“Dear Pakistanis, I want all of you to take part in our khakiki long march in Pindi at 13:00 on Saturday,” said Imran Khan. in short video statement.

پی ٹی آئی عمران خان کا ویڈیو پیغام- #ملتے_ہیں_پنڈی_میں rice.twitter.com/9jKt09ZPuN

— PTI (@PTIOfficial) November 24, 2022

imran, who was voted out of power through no-confidence in April, said the only nation that justice in he will get real freedom. “When there is justice, there are rights. When there are rights, the nation is free. Only an independent nation prospers,” he said. on to tell.

former the prime minister said that the nation will not be silent until it receives real freedom. “I’m going for you despite my [health] condition and all of you need come to Pindi for me,” he concluded.

چیئرمین عمران خان سے جمعیت علماzneso

ملاقات میں مولانا гать محمد خان شیرانی نے عمران خان عیادت کی عمران خان ی عیادت کی عمران خان قاتلانہ حгда ان الвостред ждения بгда ان اдения ھان اдения ھان اдения ھгда ان اесть ان اдения ھان اдения ھان اдения ھان اдения ھгда بانہ? بانہ? بانہ? بان ان اdeniya ھان ان tre How to eat How to eat How védر بر ان tre How How to chew ان ان tre ان tre How How to chew ان ان tre How How to chew ان ان tre How How to chew ھار بانہ? بانہانہ? rice.twitter.com/WRdtbVvYXp

— PTI (@PTIOfficial) November 24, 2022

Failure to conduct surveys immediately lead to chaos

In an interview with PBS, PTI head Imran Khan said that if elections were not held it would not affect his party but he was concerned that the current government can lead the country to “economic chaos”.

“If they (i.e. government) do not hold elections immediately, I don’t care partybecause we win all the time,” he told PBS. “But we are worried that they will leave the country in … a state in which it would be beyond anyone’s control”.

PTI Chairman @ImranKhanPTIinterview with @IAmAmnaNawaz on @NewsHour rice.twitter.com/z1an6iAxu5

— PTI (@PTIOfficial) November 24, 2022

The head of PTI said that if current government “the whole goes way, well, we’ll wait. “My only concern is that way things are going, we can move towards chaos. I mean economic chaos.”

He also said PTI protest in Rawalpindi will be “completely peaceful”.

When questioned, Imran Khan said, “Both sides were in power in Pakistan for — for 30 years. And 30 years military governments were in power. My party came – we only had more than three half years in government. We broke all records of export in Pakistan and our tax collection was highest in our history. So we were heading in right direction”.

To another question about relationships with USA, the PTI chairman said: “Firstly, I mean, just a fact that Pakistani-American relations were one-sided. No it’s not like that for For example, US-India relations, which I call very civilized relationship, decent relationship. In Pakistan, we had – well, a war on terror we were like hired gun. And I think it’s a very unworthy relationship.”

He left on say, “The United States is a democracy. Democracies accept criticism. Democracies accept other people of view. Slave masters don’t do that. Relations of Pakistan with USA is very important for us. So, just ’cause the regime change, it shouldn’t mean that I should I have not in future attitude with USA. And yes, I have the right to criticize.

Preparing meeting summaries for long march

Meanwhile, senior PTI leader Asad Umar presided. over meeting about partypreparation for long march in Rawalpindi. Top PTI management participated, including Umar Ayub, Shibli Faraz, Ali Nawaz and others. in meeting.

راوouseڈی میں آز آز icesی کے الظامات کےاچ م الظامات کےای مارچ الظامات کے?

اجلاس میں انتظامات کے حوالے سے تفصیلی گفتگو کی گئی

اجلاسe میں مارچ کے سیکیورٹی پلان ، روٹ پلان اور میڈیا کےوالے سے پلان اور میڈیا کے حوالے سے پلان اور دیگر اہم امور پر تفصیلی تبار دیگر اہم امور پر تفصیلی تبار دیگر اہم امور پر تفصیلی تباзнес یگاہم امور فصیر تفصیلی تباد жет اہم امور تفصیلی تباзнес اہم امور تفصیلی تباznes اہم امtua rice.twitter.com/P4NWxQjFgl

— PTI (@PTIOfficial) November 24, 2022

The meeting discussed the general course of preparation for long march in Rawalpindi. The meeting discussed the security plan, the route of the long march and other important issues.

The assembly was informed that the caravan left from Karachi for Rawalpindi while the other two were ready begin their way to the garrison city from Quetta and Gilgit-Baltistan.

A briefing was held also the in meeting about accommodation of in participants.

Issues related to provision of all basic needs, including food and shelter for participants of the march was also discussed in meeting.

“The people are fully united and strive to achieve real freedom,” Umar said, adding that party will welcome caravans from all over Pakistan in Rawalpindi.

” captain [Imran Khan] will lead ocean of people in Rawalpindi on November 26,” he added.

PTI finalizes plan for Rawalpindi sits-in on Nov 26

the president of The head of PTI in Lahore, Sheikh Imtiaz, stated that party completed his plan for Rawalpindi sit-in on November 26th.

“The PTI cavalcade from Lahore will leave city at 7 o’clock in the morning on Saturday. It will pass through Lahore Motorway Toll Plaza and then enter Rawalpindi,” he told Dawn.com.

Imtiaz added what party made a contingency plan for march too. “We have delegated responsibilities to all stakeholders.

The Headquarters “does not object” to the landing of Imran’s helicopter on the parade ground

The General Staff (GHQ) said it had “no objection” to PTI’s request for a landing. of Helicopter of PTI Chief Imran Khan on the parade ground on November 26th.

GHQ document circulating on social media and which has been verified by Dawn.com stated that party should achieve out to the Capital Development Authority or federal government because the case fell under their jurisdiction.

“The General Staff does not object to the request for accommodation of helicopter subject to permit concerned authorities”, this added.

جی ایچ کیو نے چئیرمین تحریک انصاف عمران خان @ImranKhanPTI لینڈنگ کی اجازت دیدی rice.twitter.com/4FW3FYI2mm

— Asad Haral (@AsadKharal) November 24, 2022

Earlier this week, PTI filed a petition with the Islamabad High Court (IHC). for Permission to “allow helicopter of PTI Chairman Imran Khan for landing and taking off from parade ground to conclusion of collection”.

the government has no problem’ with landing of Imran’s helicopter on the parade ground

This was stated by Interior Minister Rana Sanaulla. government did not have problem with landing of Helicopter of PTI Chairman Imran Khan lands on parade ground in Islamabad on November 26th.

In an interview with journalist Hamid Mir on Geo News today he said that the administration of Islamabad will take over decision “on price”.

Meanwhile, in answer to question on in party long sitting-in and blocking the road in Rawalpindi, Sanaullah warned PTI against blocking roads and causing inconvenience to general public.

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