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Combat on save Dadu, Jamshoro from flooding in conditions of mass evacuation

  • NDMA says death the death toll from the disaster reaches 1391 as 36 die in past 24 hours

KARACHI/HYDERABAD/ISLAMABAD: Authorities on Thursday is engaged in frantic attempts to close the gap in The main drain of the Nara Valley is also known as Right Bank Drain-I (RBOD) to stop the flow of water flowing towards Dadu. city against the background of mass evacuation in parts of Sindh while out death losses from unprecedented flood rose to 1391 with 36 more people died during past 24 hours.

According to authorities and aid agencies, there has been a violation in RBOD-I on RD-10, which was supposed to facilitate risk of flood in Dadu and Jamshor districts. However, the situation has become ugly on thursday thread of water towards Dadu city increased.

PPP MPA Pir Mujibul Haq, elected from Dadu Constituency PS-85 reported that water was flowing rapidly towards Dadu city. Deputy Commissioner Dadu (DC) Syed Murtaza Ali Shah said additional mechanisms were used to close the gap, adding that work was also under way build embankments for protection city.

He claimed that 90 percent of the gap was plugged, expressing the hope that the situation would be brought under control soon.

In recent days, two violations have been intentional made in Protective dam of Lake Manchar to divert the flow of flood water flows into it towards less populated areas and prevents flooding in densely populated cities of Sehwan and Bhan Siedabad.

Reuters report on Wednesday mentioned that the country’s largest freshwater lake was “dangerously close to overflowing, even after it burst through.” in operation that displaced 100,000 people”. And the threat lingered even when the water level in the lake has fallen, albeit slightly, amid reports of water from the lake continues to flood parts of provinces.

Previously on On Thursday, MNA PPP Sikandar Ali Rahupoto said the water in the lake had flooded. over 100 villages in three union tips of area. DC Fariduddin Mustafa said that water from the lake flows towards Tatla and Katohar. union advice and in view of looming threat of flood in various areas, including the city of Bhan Siedabad, several families moved to safer locations.

According to MNA Rahoupoto, hundreds of people were evacuated from area still. Earlier, water from the lake flooded five union tips of taluka Sehwan after two violations were made in its dam on RD-14 and RD-52.

Another violation planned

On Thursday afternoon, Sindh Information Minister Sharjil Inam Memon said at a press conference that the water level in the river Indus near Manchar was at a height of 120 feet. reduced level (RL). He said that it was expected that the water level in the river would reduce eight or nine feet in in next eight to ten hours. “Once the level drops, the gap will made near the river for discharge of water from Manchara to the river. And once the discharge starts, it will take 10 to 15 days to clear water, he added.

Meanwhile, the Flood Forecasting Division website showed that there is a high level flood in river at the Kotri dam. Sharing these details, Memon told the provincial government that all attention at the moment was on Manchar and the Indus River. Moreover, he said that the situation is improving. in Cashmore and Jacobabad and while the flood waters also began to retreat in Kambar, it will be some time before the situation improves there. “Now the situation will change within hours,” he added.

Memon also said provincial officials discussed ways to improve the evacuation plan at today’s meeting.

Sharing details about the effort, Sindh said. Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali issued directives for purchases of nutritional supplements for children.

“Meeting of task force [on floods] will now take place on daily for discussion current situation and plans for evacuation, assistance work and water release,” he said.

The death toll rose to 1,391 for 36 people. more die in floods

According to the National Disaster Management Authority, 36 more people died in in past 24 hours what took in total death count in various incidents with 1,391 and 12,722 people injured since the start of rain season.

The NDMA released a 24-hour report on the situation. on routine basis, which took into account the common life, property and infrastructure losses caused by heavy rains out various parts of country.

Heavy rains and flash floods caused maximum deaths of 35 people in Sindh province including eight menfour women and nine children in Jamshoro, three men, a woman and a child in Shahid Benazirabad, two men in Nouchero Ferose, a man and two children died from electric shock in Badin, a woman died in the collapse of house in Goth, two children drowned in pond and child died due to snakebite in Tando Muhammad Khan.

As many as 33 million of a population of 220 million affected in blame the disaster on climate change, which left hundreds of thousands of homeless and caused losses of at least $10 billion, officials estimate.

At the same time, large-scale movements and countries limited resources led to concerns of looming health crisis.

For its part, the United Nations (UN) has asked for $160 million in help help cope with what he said was an “unprecedented climate disaster” and countries were expanding financial and moral support with promises for more.

UN chief to visit Pakistan

UN Secretary-General António Guterres should also in Pakistan on two-day trip from September 9 to 10 “to express solidarity with in government as well as people of Pakistan weathering colossal climate-driven natural disaster caused unprecedented rain and flooding across the country,” the Foreign Office (FO) said in a statement. on Thursday.

During the visit, Guterres will hold meetings with Pakistani leadership and senior officials to exchange views on in national as well as global answer to flood catastrophe.

secretary general will go to the areas most affected by the climate catastrophe and will interact with displaced families and first defendants in field, the FO statement says, adding that it will also oversee UN humanitarian response work in support of in government rescue and relief efforts.

” secretary generalvisit will raise even more global mass scale awareness of it’s a calamity and its associated loss of life and widespread destruction. This will help to strengthen proportionate and coordinated international response to humanitarian and other needs of 33 million Pakistanis affected,” FO said.

it added that Guterres “constantly stressed the connection of such disasters with effects of climate change and warning in international community about an existential threat to our planet in if climate change is not addressed in in a timely and efficient manner.

” secretary generalvisit will be also stress the importance of stable international support for Pakistan through rehabilitation and reconstruction phase as well as for building sustainability against future climate shocks.

Mass migration of flood affects towards Sekhvan, Jamshoro begins

Mass migration of flood the victims began in villages around the cities of Sehwan and Bhan Saidabad, including Karampur, Bamba and Talti on Thursday.

Majority of these people are moving towards Sekhvan and Jamshoro, using private transport such as rickshaws, tractors and even motorcycles. Families, with all property and livestock they could save from flood waters, move to safer areas after spending a few days in flooded areas.

In some areas, with in help of the government’s residents are trying to reinforce the dams in trying to stop the flow of water comes from Lake Manchar.

Sindh government took the plunge of outburst of lake Manchar bank in various points in a desperate attempt to protect Sehwan and Bhan Saidabad from flooding, displacing some 125,000 people. people in five union tips for trying to save money over 300,000 others.

Authorities in Jamshoro area was warned people to move out how water rushes from bursting mounds of the largest freshwater lake in the country fast towards Bhan Saidabad Taluka after the flooding of several union tips near Sehwan on Wednesday.

Thousands stuck and were seen sitting on curbs today, waiting for assistance, as panic began to seize the population.

Police deployed to various points control the law and order situation. A large number of of karachi police officers also reached the districts of Dadu and Jamshoro after previous protests by people in several cities and towns of Sind. The protesters accused government for unable to help them.

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