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Columbus Police Officer Ricky Anderson Shooting Unarmed Man Donovan Lewis on TV in Bed

Columbus Division of Police released body-camera late Tuesday night footage showing fatal shooting of twenty-year-old Donovan Lewis, who was killed since he was still in bed and possibly holding a vape pen.

Authorities say around 2:28 am on On Tuesday, officers tried to serve a felony warrant at the apartment on Sullivant Ave. Body-camera footage shows Lewis was shot just seconds after several officers entered his second-floor apartment or less second after the officers broke into his bedroom. Lewis had one hand up like Officer Ricky Anderson who had K-9, opened fire. frames shows The officers then handcuff the wounded Lewis before assisting.

Lewis was announced dead at the local hospital around 3:19 and there were no weapons found in flat.

“There was, like the vape pen that was found on bed straight next him,” Columbus CEO Elaine Bryant said at a press conference on Tuesday. Donovan Lewis is dead. As a parent you know I sympathize and mourn with his mother. As a community I mourn with our community but we’re going allow conduct this investigation place”.

court records show that the officers tried to serve the warrant for firearm mishandling, assault and domestic violence. Bryant said that Anderson, who was on in force for 30 years old and in The dog unit was placed on leave to investigate of shooting.

Lawyer representing Lewis family promised to get justice” and asked for community support for in family of twenty-year-old he described as “son, grandson, brother, and friend”.

“How result of it’s completely reckless behavior Columbus police officer family is left mourn the loss of such young souls,” Columbus attorney Rex Elliott said. Frame by frame video reveals truth- three white officers escorted by an aggressive K9 dog shot at unarmed 20-year- old … how he sat up in his bed in agreement with police teams.

Lewis’ family participants did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

The incident marks latest example of execution of a search warrant has become deadly. In February, Minneapolis police shot and killed 22 people.year-old Amir Locke in the apartment right after the entrance with restraining order for case that had nothing to do with his. In March 2020, Louisville Metro Police officers fatally shot Breonna Taylor while executing a similar search warrant without knocking. in investigation 26-year- old ex-boyfriend ambulance.

Unlike shootings. of Locke and Taylor body-camera footage of moments leading up to Lewis death shows officers are knocking on Door for for at least eight minutes and declare themselves law enforcement before two men Open the door. men were immediately apprehended by the police when the Columbus Kennel Squad began clear flat.

After a few seconds a dog apparently barking at back bedroom, prompting Anderson to tie down the K-9 and push open the door.

“We’re going to send this dog in” one hear the officer speak just before Anderson pushes the door. light from gun of another officer is beaming on Lewis when another officer yells “Hands!”

Less than second Anderson is later seen firing shot at Lewis as he starts to sit down up in bed moved in in back corner of room. The footage shows Lewis raising his right hand towards the officers as he left the hand is still back near the pillow.

After shooting footage shows the officer repeatedly called out “hands” before demanding that Lewis “crawl out here” twice. Lewis, however, remains hunched over on bed. Eventually, the officers enter the room and tell the wounded Lewis to lay down his hands. behind his back before eventually handcuffing him.

One officer is heard telling Lewis to “stop resisting”. Other video shows carrying a man in handcuffs out of flat. Only then does Lewis receive medical attention.

“We are committed full transparency, sharing as much information as quickly as possible, and we are committed to holding officers accountable for any wrongdoing,” Bryant said. on Tuesday. “As a boss, my job is to hold officers accountable, but that’s also my job is to offer them support and what am I give it’s them through the process.”

Ohio Bureau of criminal investigation also opened an investigation into Lewis. death just in latest fatal police shooting of a person of color in state capital. Two years ago, a Columbus police officer shot and killed 23 unarmed people.year-old Andre Hill in garage of a home he was visiting. The same authorities fatally shot 16-year- old Mahia Bryant after she threw herself at someone with knife during a neighbor fight.

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