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CoinCashé is MrCoin

They do not abolish, they only get rid of the MrCoin brand by their founders. The first bitcoin changer and ATM operator in Hungary will be bought by Attila Mogyorósi and Gábor Galántai. For now, it’s a trade secret how deep CoinCash has reached into its pockets for the acquisition.

While MrCoin’s founders won’t disappear from the cryptocurrency market, they will focus on other projects like Reaction, a venture capital firm.

“We were looking for each other. We also wanted to expand our portfolio and they wanted to entrust the brand to someone who could build on it,” he said. At the request of Forbes.hu, Attila Mogyorósi, the founder and managing director of Coincash. Users are only reminded of the change by a revamped design, but this is really an improvement on the previous team, CoinCash has already taken over the site.

As MrCoin no longer operates ATMs, CoinCash however, there are twenty vending machines in operation and the network continues to expand, with new owners very confident that they can keep many customers from the new company. Moreover, they want to offer both camps services that are suitable not only at home but also abroad.

Nevertheless, the crypto world owes a lot to the Debreczen brothers: they created Hungary’s first Hungarian-language site where Bitcoin could be bought, and they also put into operation the country’s first Bitcoin ATM in downtown Budapest, Anker meanwhile. They participated in the founding of the Hungarian Bitcoin Association and in the organization of the Bitcoin Budapest meetup series. In addition, of course, they educated both the market and the users.

According to Barnabás Debreczeni, the domestic market is stable and bubbly. Not only are there hundreds of billions of forints of cryptographic assets in the country, according to NAV estimates, but they are also complete, living ecosystems, companies, associations, foundations, blockchain and NFT projects. The area is already taken seriously by the government, and next year traders will only be taxed at a rate of 15 percent on foreign exchange gains, instead of the current high of 30 percent.


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