Cocaine and orgies? Cawthorn, WNC GOP Silent Among Rival Stories

ASHVILLE — The day after a senior Republican leader said Rep. Madison Cawthorne admitted to lying about cocaine and the orgy. story, an operative linked to Donald Trump said that Cawthorne denied this recantation – creating competing GOP narratives that Cawthorne has declined weigh in on.

Party officials in Western North Carolina’s 11th district of Cothorn has also declined to help members of the divided Republican Party decides who to believe in a bizarre and potentially deadly statement.

“This is not a video of local GOP leaders weigh in to say anyone who or what to believe,” Roxane Wetzel, Interim Chairman of the party11th district organization said in email.

Wetzel didn’t answer. follow-up question what she thought of claims. Another party leaders did not respond to messages, including District 11 Interim Chair David Ehus, Buncombe Chair Glenda Weinert, Henderson Chair Sharon Brooks, and former Henderson County Council of Commission Chairman Tommy Thompson, who supported Cothorn in his 2020 election.

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Cawthorn spokesman Luke Ball did not respond to several messages. Cawthorn was not present at the House on 31 March. session and voted by proxy.

As long as he has declined to commentQuran on March 31 retweeted story from conservative online The Federalist magazine, which made a splash over his statement was a distraction. Instead of Congress should focus on allegations made by a Chinese spy campaign funds years ago for This was announced by the author of the article Tristan Justice, a member of the House of Representatives from the Democratic Party, Eric Svalwell.

But Republican leaders said Cawthorne’s latest statement was part of sample of problem behavior. This included making a false claim about his rate for The Naval Academy was derailed when, in 2013, car an accident put him down in wheelchair – although his statement was already was rejected – an attempt to bring gun on plane and knives to school board meetings, calling Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky a “thug” in in the middle of Russian invasion and pull over several times for speeding and twice for driving without a license.

March 31 Senator Tom Tillis announced he wouldn’t support re-election Cawthorne, instead support for Chuck Edwards, state senator who criticized Cawthorne for “inciting” Americans against each other in January 6th speech attack on Capitol.

“Chuck Edwards has demonstrated that he serves with honor and integrity, and he always makes conservatives proud. He will never embarrass Western North Carolina with sequential pattern of juvenile behavior are outlandish claims and untrue,” Tillis said. in issue announcing his decision.

Another state senator, Richard Burr, said he would not interfere. in primary but said of Cawthorn: “It’s embarrassing any day,” according to CNN.

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Two members of the House of Representatives with counties closest to Cawthorne, Patrick McHenry and Virginia Fox, both Republicans, did not respond to inquiries for comment.

Cawthorne tale of invited unnamed people he once admired – presumably Republican legislators – an orgy and saw them doing ” key hit of cocaine” in front of he was made on but conservative YouTube channel this month.

This statement infuriated Republican lawmakers. who Cawthorne said should give names of involved or disowned. This led to private Meeting March 30 with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, according to the New York Times, who told reporters later, Cawthorne admitted the allegations were untrue.

But Trump-linked operative Roger Stone in March 30 post on talkativeness social media Platform said Cawthorne told him he didn’t put his story. He repeated the statement about next day on far-right podcast “Infowars” hosted Alex Jones.

Jones and Stone stayed leading vote of trump wing of Republican Party despite outrageous rhetoric and scandals. Jones was held in contempt this week for does not show in lawsuit over his statements that the murder of 20 Connecticut elementary school students were a hoax. Stone was convicted of seven criminal offenses linked to the Mueller investigation into Russia’s involvement in elections in 2016. He was pardoned by Trump.

The stone often served as a confidant for trump, who continues to own some of greatest influence in in party and often contradict with more traditional conservatives. Trump spokeswoman Liz Harrington did not respond to a request. for comment.

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