Coast security race out after the discovery of the alleged “sea mine” in Weston-super-Mare

The coast guard was called out in Weston-super-Mare yesterday (April 30) after a suspected “sea mine” was discovered. on shore. Explosive Ordnance Disposal team saw an object in bay off around 10:45 and were sent out on hovercraft for inspection.

However, as soon as they got closer to the object, it turned out that it was an old metal buoy. BUT post written on Weston-super- Coast Guard Rescue Mare team’s Facebook page says, “Well, it’s been an eventful day. for us coast!

“First, at 10:45 we were asked follow on since yesterday possible ammunition out in bay off Knightstone. Plymouth EOD (Ordnance Disposal) team there were suspicions that it could be an old naval mine!

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“They flew out on Hovercraft for inspection and luckily it was an old metal buoy from yesteryear! Once they dug it up out It was removed for disposal by beach rangers.

‘After the hose down and some food assets stood down at 15.10 and returned to their families.” post also says what team were later named out to deal with with another case that left the woman is injured.

At 4:18 p.m., a woman contacted Rangers after she tripped while walking. with her husband along the beach. She injured her ankle and couldn’t walk, and the Coast Guard rushed in. out to help her.

facebook post says:” team made them way and appreciated it injuryunfortunately broken ankle. Tired and ready to go, with help of a few guys from the Weston fire station, we carried her out on a stretcher to her husband who waiting to take her to the hospital for further treatment.



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