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COAS not working for US search help in IMF loan collateral: Imran

Former prime minister and PTI chairman Imran Khan said it was not the Army Commander’s responsibility to address the United States. over transaction of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

“If these messages are true, [Chief of Army Staff] General Bajwa is looking for an American help in receiving the IMF [loan] it means the country is getting weaker,” he said. in Interview with local TV channel on Friday.

His announcement came as COAS General Bajwa reached out US administration with request for help in provision of early acceleration of tranche of the rescue package from the IMF in an attempt to stabilize the shrinking economy of Pakistan.

According to sources in law enforcement agencies, the army commander spoke on the phone with US Deputy Secretary of State of Call Wendy Sherman earlier this week.

They said that Gen Bajwa made an appeal to the White House and the Treasury calling on the IMF to immediately provide almost $1.2 billion, which Pakistan should receive under the renewed loan program.

“If America helps us in in current the situation that it will be demand in come back for help? I’m afraid that security of the country will be weakened,” said Imran.

Commenting on in development, the ex-premier said the report implied no one including international community as well as people of the country has confidence in in coalition government led by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif.

Imran only said way to rule economy out of crisis and reverse the “regime change operation” should have held early and transparent elections.

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former Prime Minister said after PTI struck PML-N in By-elections in Punjab, incumbent rulers were cautious of goes to early elections.

“Them [government] concerns are legitimate as Pakistan changed How sure were they of victory in the polls using state machine,” he said, adding that the ruling alliance was stunned after his party secured a landslide victory despite attempts at falsification.

Imran said that people of Pakistan rejects ‘regime change operation’ it claims US orchestrated to overthrow it government supporting the then opposition parties no-confidence traffic.

“Someone must be responsible for the current crisis .. all economic indicators deteriorated and the markets lost confidence..,” he said, referring to his dismissal from power.

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