Climate activist ‘pouring out human feces’ on Captain Sir Tom Moore Memorial in protest over private jets | UK news

Climate activist ‘pouring out human feces’ on Captain Sir Tom Moore Memorial in protest over private    jets |  UK news

Frames look show climate activist pouring out human feces on memorial for Captain Sir Tom Moore.

21-year-old woman in video – described as former medical student name was Maddie wearing t-shirt with the slogan: “The End of British Private Jets”.

She set her sights on a life-sized memorial of Sir Tom in Thistley Meadow, Derbyshire, and Clip attracted condemnation online.

austin cox, who gifted the Thistley-Meadow memorial, said, “We’ll be chasing Maddie for vandalism. We will work with police to ensure it is accepted as possible.”

In a separate video posted on On a Twitter account linked to End UK Private Jets, Maddy said: “People will say he is a hero. up for. And I agree.

“I studied to be a doctor because I believe in take care of people.”

Captain Sir Tom Moore has died in February 2021

she left on argue that healthcare system collapses, as does the climate.

“were launched out of food, money, water, people to work and medicines – and meanwhile mass death mass disease, mass dying,” she said.

The activist went on claim that every time private reactive plane off in UK, “pouring a bucket of shit and blood on everything that Captain Tom stood for for”.

She looks like she’s from there campaign group What Destroyed Laver Cup Tennis tournament at London’s O2 Arena last month.

Protester it turned out by accident set fire to his hand forthcoming of Roger Federer final professional match.

Rice: AP

According to End UK Private Jets, 20-year-old involved in this incident was later released from custody with £180 fine for hooliganism with aggravating circumstances.

This memorial of Sir Tom has already been targeted. Late last year”Ira” was painted with spray paint on to sculpture.

Sir Tom, who completed 100 laps of grow your garden before your 100th birthday more than £32 million for NHS, deceased in bedford hospital in February 2021 after positive test result for COVID-19.

He was knighted by the queen in confession of his efforts.


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