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Clash between Nihang Sikhs and Radha Soami followers in peas; 11 injured: Tribune India


Biz (Amritsar), September 4

clash erupted out Between Sikh Nihang and followers of Radha Swami Satsang Biz on Sunday after former They allegedly attempted to forcibly enter the sprawling buildings of Dera to graze their livestock, leaving 10 people and police personnel injured.

heavy police force About the headquarters of Dera and senior Officers, including the inspector general of Police, arrived at the site to evaluate of the situation.

According to the police, A group of nihang wanted To enter the buildings of the monastery to graze their livestock, but they were stopped followers of Radha Sami sect.

One of The Nihangs family allegedly attacked the security official of Radha Soami Satsang Beas, better known as Parmdeep Singh Teja, who got injured in his shoulders.

Jandela Guru Police Station, SHO Davinder Kumar, who Was on the spot, tried intervene And the also Wounded.

the situation took Ugly bend when group of nihang again I tried by force to storm the headquarters of Deira, leading clash between the two groups.

a total of 10 people On both sides, the police officer was wounded.

Nihangs are the Sikh sect whose members in blue robes are often seen carrying swords or spears.

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