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CJP terms breathing apparatus role in Punjab CM election case ‘biased’

ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice of Pakistan Umar Ata Bandial named by Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) on Monday role in chief of Punjab minister the electoral case is “biased”.

Turning to full certificate from the court on the day before of Start of in new judicial yearCJP Bandial reminded of Punjab CM an election case that drew criticism from political parties.

The CJP stated that the federation had requested full court bench what was not in conformity with law while role of SBCA was also “biased”.

In July, the Supreme Court announced the decision of in former Deputy Speaker of the Punjab Assembly Dost Mazari, “illegitimate” and announced Pervez Elahi as new CM of provinces.

Decree coalition demanded that full bench hear the case and the government’s demands were also supported by the High Court Bar Association.

“Patience has been shown, despite the strong reaction of political parties to the annulment of Decree of then Deputy Speaker of the Punjab, Dost Muhammad Mazari”. justice said.

CJP Bandial added: “We know that the country facing serious economic crisis, but the law is for all.”

Appeal to the Judicial Commission of Meeting of Pakistan (JCP) in which the body rejected Bandial-appointed judges of high courts for their appointment to the Supreme Court, the CJP asked, did the federal government respond to respect judges?

CJP Bandial said that when he took office there was challenges in connection with the provision of inexpensive and fast justice backlog of cases and use of Suo Motu power.

Highlighting the achievements, the CJP stated that the number of unfinished business with judicial branch reduced to 50 265 from 54 134.

“Respectable judges donated their annual leave and delivered judgments in 6,458 cases in a short period of time. of June-September.

emphasizing need for new appointments to the highest judiciary, he called on the SCBA to assist the court.

Speaking of quick justice, the CJP said that he, after consulting with other judges, took notification of decision by then NA Vice Speaker Kasim Suri, declared it illegal after a five-day hearing and issued a verdict within three days.

A large number of of cases were filed with Supreme Court after political events in March 2022, he noted.

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