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Cinema chain AMC already accepts payments with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

The American chain of cinemas AMC recently enabled the possibility of buying tickets to its functions using bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), litecoin (LTC) and bitcoin cash (BCH).

The CEO of the company, Adam Aron, announced through his Twitter account last Thursday, November 11, that it was now possible to make payments with cryptocurrencies in AMC cinemas. At the moment, the option to pay with cryptocurrencies is only enabled for online purchases.

Regarding the purchase of tickets online, Aron limited in his tweet that in the short time they have been offering the option to pay with cryptocurrencies, this method already involves 14% of their transactions .

The AMC executive announced that they hope to add dogecoin (DOGE ) to the list of crypto assets with which you can pay for the products and services offered by the company. However, on the website of this chain of cinemas they announce that it is now possible to buy gift cards ( gift cards ) using DOGE, through the processor of BitPay payments.

Up to $ 200 worth of AMC gift cards can be purchased per day , through the cryptocurrency dogecoin and the payment processor BitPay. Source: AMC website screenshot.

Another cryptocurrency that could follow in the footsteps of dogecoin soon is Shiba Inu (SHIB) . According to a survey carried out by the CEO of AMC on Twitter, 8 1.4% of the 153,000 voters supported the intention of adding this cryptoactive to the payment methods of said chain of cinemas. Interestingly, this same survey methodology was the one that drove acceptance of dogecoin previously.

The AMC chain of cinemas fulfilled its promise to accept payments in bitcoin this year

In CriptoNoticias we reported, at the beginning of August 2021, that the CEO of AMC confirmed in an interview that they were preparing the company’s infrastructure to accept payments in cryptocurrencies soon.

It was estimated that the promise of accepting bitcoin and other crypto assets as a form of payment could arrive during 2022. However, AMC managed to make the leap this year.

The announcement about the eventual adoption of cryptocurrency payments also favored AMC’s valuation on the stock exchange. After this information was publicly confirmed, AMC shares rose 10% in just 24 hours .

On South America it is also possible to buy movie tickets with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In CriptoNoticias we report that, since January 2019, the collaboration between the Brazilian crypto bank Bancryp and the company Cine Multi allows the inhabitants of Florianópolis to pay for their movie tickets with crypto assets.

The CriptoNoticias team is contacted AMC for comment regarding the adoption of cryptocurrency payments, but so far we have not received a response.

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