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Chris Kaba family show police video of events which led to him killing | Police

family of Chris Kaba will be allowed to watch the police video of the incident that led to his killing, The Guardian learned, as a police monitor insisted that evidence, not public pressure forced him to investigate the officer for murders.

Kaba, 24 years old, who was unarmed, once shot by a Metropolitan Police officer on September 5th. The bullet hit him in in head how he sat in in the driver’s seat of a car who came under suspicion in Lambeth, south London. He died just over two hours after.

Independent office for Police behavior put the officer concerned under investigation for murder or manslaughter, and the Met suspended him from duty.

The IOPC denied giving in to Kaba’s pressure. family or public and insisted on review of collected evidence led him to believe the officer should be researched.

Originally a police watchdog who struggled to win public confidence treated the officer as a witness.

It said: “Our decision run criminal investigation was based solely on on our review of evidence of criminal an offense could have been committed.”

Investigators will have to question the gunsmith officer. criminal caution amid the anxiety of some in see to it that public still not explained why he decided to open fire.

Kaba family were unhappy with IOPC behavior and demanded to show video of Incident.

Employees were at the scene wearing cameras and helicopter installed with a camera followed car Kaba was in.

This was announced by the representative of the IOPC. family will now be able to see the footage and that discussions have begun with their lawyers abouthow we can make it easier to see them.”

Kaba was in dark audi car whose license plate triggered a police warning linking this to an earlier alleged firearms incident. He was not a car owner, and after being pursued by the police vehicle was stopped using “tactical contact” in which he was shunted or rammed.

After being stopped by the police vehicles packed it in and Kaba was mortally wounded.

Officers in charge of firearms have long feared that their superiors will betray them when things go wrong. One police source said Kaba’s case had reinforced those concerns again: “They feel like he was thrown under the subway bus, who indulge public perception and have left Officer out dry.”

Most sources do not expect a mass refusal of officers to carry weapons. This would mean a return to regular front line police and responding to emergency calls, but the Met struggling to recruit and retain a sufficient number of armed officers.

This was stated by Assistant Commissioner of the Met Amanda Pearson. in statement: “We do not underestimate the significant impact on suspended officer and colleagues, and that is why senior colleagues we cooperate closely with them ensure they are fully supported.

“Firearms Officers know what on rare occasions when they unload their weapons, they face careful scrutiny.”

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