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Chinese media supports Delhi on wheat issue

Global Times (GT), Chinese government The outlet said, “Blame India wonr solve the food problem. “


China on Sunday came to India’s defense after G7 criticism over The decision to organize export of Wheat saying that blame developing countries like India won solve The global food crisis.

Indian last week government Edit export policy of Wheat by placing its exports in the prohibited category. The order in which it was rolled out by the ministry of Trade reported that government wheat export ban with “Live effect”.

But what was surprising amid this report is the Chinese state’s media defense of India after criticism from the group of Seven countries (G7). Global Times (GT), Chinese government The outlet said, “Blame India wonr solve the food problem. “

“Now, the G7 agriculture ministers are urging India not to ban wheat exports, so why won’t the G7 countries themselves move To stabilize food market Supply by increasing their exports? ” in GT.

“Although India is secondThe largest wheat producer in The worldit calculates for just small bit of global wheat exports. By contrast, some developed Economies, including the United States, Canada, the European Union and Australia, are among the major exporters of Wheat ” added.

According to GT, if some Western countries Decide reduce wheat exports in waking up of Prospect global Food crisis, they will be in There is no position to criticize India, a country facing pressure to secure its food supply.

The article argued that the G7 countries were welcome in join efforts in . treatment global Food crisis advice against Criticizes India and other developing countries.

India on On the other hand, it issued a press release on Saturday where he said decision Restricting wheat exports will control food prices and enhance food security of India and countries facing Chilled, so India remains A reliable supplier because it honors all contracts.

Speaking at a press conference with Sudhanshu Pandey, Department Secretary of Food and Consumer Affairs, Manoj Ahuja, Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Commerce said that all export orders where the letter of The credit issued will be honored.

he is added through which wheat exports are directed? government Channels not only ensure meet real needs of Our neighbors and food shortages countries But also Control of inflationary expectations.

Talking about availability of wheat, trade secretary Sabrhamanyam said: “Except for food security of India, the government is committed to ensuring food security of Neighbors and the weak countries. “

He said the probation order serves three main Purposes – Maintains Food Security for Country, help others who be in It maintains India’s reliability as a supplier.

(But for Title, this story It has not been edited by the NDTV crew and is posted from a syndicated feed.)


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