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Chinese Ambassador warns British MPs against visiting Taiwan | Taiwan

The Chinese ambassador to the UK urged British politicians not to “dance to the tune”. of United States” and promised “serious consequences” should deputies set sole in Taiwan.

Speech at a press conference in London, Chinese Ambassador Zheng Zeguang, who was on parliamentsanctions list because the last summer, also reminded the British government of joint communiqué of two countries signed in 1972, when they began to exchange ambassadors.

Zheng comment arrived as Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi began her controversial visit to Taiwan, over which Beijing claims sovereignty. Pelosi said her visit was show solidarity with a vibrant Asian democracy, but in response, Beijing released a number of warnings and threats.

Ministry of China of defense said on On Tuesday, when the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) was supplied on “high readiness” and announced a series of target military operations, including missile tests in water to the east of Taiwan and exercises around main island for four days, shortly after Pelosi left this week.

Tensions between China and nearby of Western countries, including the UK, over Taiwan was on in rise in last years. The Chinese ambassador said that the promise of some British politicians to “defend Taiwan” and the intention of parliamentarians plans visiting the island would constitute a “serious violation of in one-Chinese principle and [Sino-UK] joint communiqué.

Zheng said, “This is… interference in interior affairs It’s unavoidable lead to severe consequences in Sino-British relations. We call on United Kingdom side abide by the joint communiqué… and not underestimate sensitivity of Taiwan issuea not to follow in the footsteps of the USA.

“As I said, these who play with fire I’ll get burned, Zheng added, repeating warning its President Xi Jinping, who last a week also conveyed the same phrase to Joe Biden, his American counterpart, during their fifth telephone conversation. call.

It is reported by The Guardian. on Monday that British house of Wikimedia Commons foreign affairs The committee plans to visit Taiwan later this year. year – probably in November or early December.

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Reply to remarks about China made Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak, two Conservative leadership candidates, over in last weeks later, Zheng urged British politicians to “stop up history” and “be realistic” about the basics of bilateral relations.

Chinese Ambassador also said: nature of the Taiwan issue is completely different from the Ukrainian one,” and this conversation of the “decoupling” of the Chinese and British economies is “doomed to fail” and will ultimately “undermine the interests of of [British] consumers” against the backdrop of rising inflation and ongoing cost of life crisis.

But veteran the diplomat was careful in targeting two candidates personally. “We will work with whoever becomes new EVENINGS for in development of relations between China and the UK,” he said.

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