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Chinese Alcohol Producer Tokenizes National Tipple with Sina Corp Deal

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Chinese web giant Sina Corp and Sichuan-based alcohol producer Wuliangye Yibin have actually revealed they have actually struck a brand-new tactical partnership that will enable them to tokenize high-end baijiu, China’s most well-known standard liquor.

Per a state media report, alcohol drinkers and collectors can now purchase and trade tokens backed by Wuliangye baijiu items utilizing blockchain-powered purchasing platform Zhenjiu.

The Chinese high-end market has actually been hurrying to accept blockchain technology, and likes appealing consumers traceable and immutable items. The technology is being utilized by business that wish to ensure the credibility of costly products and antiques.

Sina Corp, the operator of popular Chinese microblogging website Sina Weibo, states that it is amongst the first business in China to introduce an online retail platform of this kind.

Per a description on the business’s website, the liquor-backed non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are called Wuliangye Digital Alcohol Tokens. They are currently priced at around USD 197.45 each and are pegged to the worth of Wuliangye alcohol.

Info on each bottle of baijiu– consisting of information on bottle origin and transfer of ownership– is saved on a decentralized digital journal. Each bottle comes with a digital certificate of credibility.

The business anticipates its baijiu sales to surpass USD 0.7 billion when the effort launches on a blockchain-based online retail platform run by blockchain and big information services business Chengdu Shangtong Times Digital Technology The business, which is moneyed and nurtured by Sina Corp, will manage and handle the Wulianye alcohol tracking platform’s operations.

The cooperation effort will open brand-new market chances, the Shenzhen-listed baijiu seller stated. Wulianye has actually been attempting to increase its international existence to contend with its competitor, the alcohol giant Maotai

In 2015, a bottle of aged Wuliangye was cost auction for around USD 183,132

In China, the trading of cryptocurrencies is still prohibited, however blockchain and tokenization are growing significantly popular.

In July in 2015, Chinese alcohol wholesaler Oranco claimed that it had actually begun checking blockchain-powered anti-counterfeit services.

On the other hand, previously in in March, EY Japan, among the nation’s “big four” accountancy companies, stated it will debut a blockchain-powered traceability platform for manufacturers, suppliers of Japan’s preferred liquor, sake.
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