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China’s Increased Military Activities near Taiwan Raises Risk of Accidental Clash, Says Taiwan’s Defence Minister

Taiwan Defense Minister Raises Concerns Over China’s Military Activities

Risk of Accidental Clash Increases as China’s Military Activities Near Taiwan Intensify

The defense minister of Taiwan has expressed concerns about the growing frequency of China’s military maneuvers near the island, warning that the situation could escalate into an accidental clash. He stated that in the past two weeks, Taiwan has observed numerous Chinese fighter jets, drones, bombers, warships, and even the Chinese carrier, the Shandong, operating in close proximity.

China’s Assertive Actions Aim to Assert Sovereignty over Taiwan

China, which considers Taiwan as its own territory, has been conducting such drills in recent years to assert its sovereignty claims and exert pressure on Taipei. These activities pose a significant risk, and the defense minister acknowledged the concerns surrounding the potential for an accidental incident to trigger a broader conflict.

Taiwan Calls for Increased Attention Due to Joint Naval Operations

The defense minister revealed that warships from China’s southern and eastern theatre commands have been operating together off Taiwan’s east coast. This development further heightens the risks involved in these activities, including aircraft, ships, and weapons, necessitating the attention of both sides.

Taiwan’s Defense Strategy and China’s Growing Presence

Taiwan has traditionally relied on its mountainous east coast and major air bases as a strategic retreat in the event of a conflict. However, China has been increasingly demonstrating its ability to operate further away from its own coastline, particularly near Taiwan’s east coast.

China’s Reduced Drills and Taiwan’s Firm Response

Although China usually conducts large-scale exercises from July to September, Taiwan’s defense ministry reported a decrease in activity. In the past 24 hours, only two Chinese aircraft were detected operating in Taiwan’s air defense zone. Taiwan remains committed to maintaining calmness but condemns repeated provocations from China, emphasizing that its territorial seas and airspace should not be violated.

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