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China seeks urgent meeting after Sri Lanka eases pressure from India: report


The Chinese Embassy here sought an urgent meeting with senior After Colombo, Sri Lankan authorities sought a delay of Planned docking of Chinese high tech research Ship in the strategic port of Hambantota over Sources said India had raised concerns.

Chinese space satellite tracking research The Yuan Wang 5 was due to dock at Hambantota port from August 11-17, weeks after Sri Lanka experienced major political turmoil following mass protests. over The worst economic crisis in the country in contracts.

A “third person” note from the Sri Lankan Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Chinese Embassy in Colombo on August 5 says “The Ministry would like to ask arrival of Ship Yuan Wang 5 in Hambantota postponed until further consultations made on Subject.”

some media Reports said India was concerned that the ship was being used for espionage on and its activities and that she filed a complaint with Sri Lanka.

Chinese embassy in Colombo sought an urgent meeting with The higher Sri Lankan authorities to discuss issue After receiving a note from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs requesting a postponement in sources said here.

some Sri Lankan news gates also Reported that Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe held a closed-door meeting with After Colombo, Chinese Ambassador Qi Chenhong sought to postpone of Planned docking.

But the president’s office denied it media Reports over the meeting.

On July 12, amidst political turmoil in Sri Lanka, then government He agreed to dock the Chinese ship in the port of Hambantota.

The Chinese ship was expected to dock in the port of Sri Lanka for Refueling and “regeneration” will be conducted by satellite and research tracking in Northwest part of Indian Ocean region During August and September.

South Deep Sea Port of Hambantota is of strategic importance for that it location. The port is located in Birthplace of Rajapaksa familyIt was developed so far with Chinese loans.

according to media Reports here, India informed Sri Lanka that the docking of higher-tech Chinese research A ship that could pose a threat to it national Safety.

Sri Lanka has received strong messages of Protests from India as the ship was said to have tracking capabilities satellites and intercontinental ballistic missiles.

India said it watches anything carefully development it has an effect on its security and economic interests.

“we are aware of Reports of Suggested visit by this ship to Hambantota in Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokeswoman Arindam Baghee said in August in New Delhi when asked about the reports of A proposed visit by a Chinese ship.

“The government carefully watch any development it has an effect on India’s security and economic interests and takes all necessary measures to protect them.” last Month.

New Delhi concerned about possibility of Attempt spy ship tracking systems on Indian wares while on that it way to Sri Lanka port.

India has always taken a tough stand view of Chinese military utensils in Indian Ocean and protested against such visits with Sri Lanka in The past.

Relations between India and Sri Lanka came under strain after Colombo gave permission for a Chinese nuclear-powered submarine to dock. in one of its ports in 2014.

China is main creditor of Sri Lanka with investment in Infrastructure. debt restructuring of Chinese loans will be key for the island success in Ongoing conversations with International Monetary Fund for rescue.

India on On the other hand it was the lifeline of Sri Lanka in The ongoing economic crisis.

India was at the fore of Providing economic assistance of Nearly 4 billion US dollars to Sri Lanka during year The island nation also struggles with The worst economic crisis since independence in 1948.

Such as new Sri Lanka’s president looks to withdraw the country out of its economic crisis, India said it will continue to help the island country and support that it people in they quest for stability and prosperity.

Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena last The week said Sri Lanka was searching forward to settle issue of ship visit with the ‘approach’ of friendship”.

India’s concerns have centered on Hambantota port in Special. In 2017, Colombo leased the southern port to China Merchant Port Holdings for 99 years, after Sri Lanka defaulted on loan repayment obligations, raising fears over Ability use of port for military purposes.

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