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China and US express solidarity with Pakistan flood victims


Chinese President Xi Jinping, Prime Minister Li Keqiang and US State Department Advisor Derek Cholle expressed solidarity on Tuesday with in government as well as people of Pakistan over man and financial destruction caused by recent floods.

Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Nong Rong conveyed special Message to President Dr. Arif Alvi and Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif from the leadership of China. Management expressed regret over losses.

Moreover, China announced aid grant of 100 million RMB (RMB), in addition to sending 25,000 tents and other aid items. first the consignment of help containing 300 tents will arrive in Karachi today. The Ambassador of China will present over these articles the Pakistani authorities.

Chairman Xi, in message to President Alvi, acknowledged that severe floods caused heavy losses and serious property losses. On behalf of of Chinese government as well as people, the President of China expressed deep condolences for casualties and sincere sympathy for the families of the dead, injured and people in affected areas.

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Separately, Prime Minister Shahbaz expressed gratitude to the Chinese leadership and said: “The Chinese leadership and people of China has always supported people of Pakistan with their generosity.”

He also gave his good wishes to the Chinese leadership.

Meanwhile, US State Department adviser Derek Chollet also expressed solidarity with in flood victims in Pakistan. “We stand with Pakistan at this difficult hour,” he said.

In his tweet after the phone call with Pakistani Ambassador to the US Masood Khan and US Undersecretary of State Derek Chollet said they were “deeply saddened by the loss of life and the grave humanitarian consequences.” in Pakistan due to recent floods. We stand with Pakistan.”

Senator Jim Rish and Senator Ted Cruz also sympathized with in flood victims, families and survivors as Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee wrote to US President Joe Biden for immediate provision of help flood victims.

In a tweet, Senator Rish said: “My thoughts with Pakistan, he claims with deadly and destructive flooding. Vicki and I pray for the victims, their families and all those affected by this disaster.”

Ambassador Khan writes to US Senators, Congress

Ambassador Masood Khan expressed gratitude to the US Senator for his message of sympathy with in people of pakistan how they deal with destructive floods.

Khan has also written letters to U.S. senators and members of Congress, informing them of widespread devastation caused floods and looking for them support for help, rescue and recovery operations.

Ambassador Khan is visiting Michigan, New York and Chicago where he will meet with US leaders, businessmen and Pakistanis. community seek them support for flood victims in Pakistan.

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New York Mayor Eric Adams speech on expressed his deepest condolences on this occasion with in flood victims. “We should keep in take a look at these families in Pakistan right now who experiencing devastation of floods,” he said.

In Chicago, Ambassador Khan met president and CEO of Chicago Chamber of Commerce Jack Levin and briefed him also about devastation caused in Pakistan.

He also met members of pac american community in Chicago and called them step forward as well as help their brothers and sisters who survived the trauma of devastation and needs immediate attention in meeting with your basic needs, including food, shelter and medical care.

During his meeting with The mayor of Glendale Heights and Khan’s local leadership urged them to mobilize Pakistani-Americans community for helping flood victims.

“Pac-American community not only made a huge contribution to the strengthening of Pakistani-American ties, but has always been at the forefront in answering any call for help from Pakistan. We believe on your support in this difficult time” added Khan.

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