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chennai technician kills two wife children and the soul with power saw | Chennai News

Chennai: Hours after celebrating his wedding anniversary on Friday, a Chennai technician, suspected in debt he killed his wife and two children using Electric saw before rotating the blade on Himself.
police found the four bodies in a pool of the blood in Living room of they house in Balavaram on Saturday morning.
Technician, Prakash, 41 years old also left suicide note on a wall saying no one I was responsible for their death. for him father-in Kan -Lao Ramanan first to visit crime The scene when he entered home on Saturday morning at hand over His Prasadam temple daughter F Ghiathry, 39. Saw her with the two children – P Nithya Shree, 13, and P Harikrishnan, 8 – Lying in a pool of the blood in Living room dead with All of their necks are severed. Nithya Shri was 9th class student While Harikrishnan was in The second category. Prakash was lying a little bit with The electric saw is still running but stuck on wooden board after cutting Prakash neck. Ramanan alerted the neighbors and informed the police.
Police suspect Prakash may have drugged him family members before killing they using saw. They said that the high debts may have forced the technician to take the extremes decision. Prakash worked for Cognizant Technologies Limited, while his wife ran a country estate shop in neighbourhood.
Initial investigations revealed that Prakash had borrowed money to develop his wife business during the pandemic. As is failed to repay moneydebt amounted over 10 lakh rupees, an investigative officer said citing Prakash’s neighbors and family Individuals.
The police collected samples of food and cake left behind In the house for Forensic examination to ascertain whether foods have been lining with sedatives;
Commissioner Tambaram of Im Rafi Police who He rushed to the site, and said, “We have recovered a written suicide note in Einglish on A-4 and . paper found paste on The wall in Hall.” Other senior officials, including Deputy Commissioner Sippy Chakravarthy and Inspector Sankar Nagar of Visit the Alpine Raj Police crime place And they sent the bodies to A government hospital in Chromebit for post- Death.


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