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Cheer up for ex-defense personnel, awaiting pension payment today

The Ministry of Defense indicated that teeth appeared problems At the end of retired. (representative)

New Delhi:

in joy news for former defense personnel who They haven’t received their pension yet for April , government He made it clear today that he would credit them today. The Ministry of Defense indicated that teeth appeared problems faced By retirees during the process of digitization and modernization i.e. currently running like cause for Unexpected delay. a “one-the time special The waiver was approved “so that all retirees can receive their pending pension without further delay.

The announcement It was made Husband of hours After Congressman Rahul Gandhi attacked the center over non-payment of pensions. tie it with “Treason” over First class pension system, Mr. Gandhi said that Prime Minister Modi led by Modi government adopt policy of “Every rank, no retirement.” he is added that “insult” soldiers An insult to the country and demanded immediate release of pending payment.

The issue widened public Attention after Lieutenant General Dipendra Singh Hooda looked dissatisfied of ancient warrior on Twitter. He was asked to tag Defense Minister Rajnath Singh intervene. Taking a swipe at the center, he asked “Is this how We say “Thank you” for Do you serve the country? “

The government SPARSH is used, a digital pension Exchange system for Defense personnel, which requires all retirees complete select all year to receive monthly pension. Usually this is done in November by all banks that act as pension disbursing agencies except for government extended Deadline until March 31, 2022, due to the COVID situation.

However, during processing of pension for the month of April 2022, arrived at light That annual profile of It was not about 3.3 lakh retirees updated,” a government release said.

The government then send a list For all pension exchange banks share updated Identification data and as a result identification status of more He was retired 2.65 lakh updated on Sparsh by April 25, 2022, leading to successful treatment of annuities for All these retirees said.

However, banks could not confirm Identify for 58,275 retirees and their identities have not been received directly on Sparsh at that time of Monthly closing. Hence, these retirees did not receive their salaries in April pension by April 30, 2022.”

to ease hardships on These retirees, the government Agree on “one-the time special waiver” and allow them to have their ID cards by May 25th. Their pensions will be released by the end of Day after day.


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