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Charles will be proclaimed king at the Accession Council

HOURHere’s what’s expected today as the UK gears up for flags to return to full-mast to greet our new King.

10 a.m – King Charles III will be proclaimed at the Accession Council in state apartments at St. James’s Palace in London.

event with the participation of secret advisers, is divided into two parts. in first part, the Privy Council will proclaim the king and formally approve various consecutive orders.

second part belongs to the king of His Majesty first Secret Council. The King will make his declaration and read and sign an oath to maintain safety of temple in Scotland and approve orders in advice that promotes succession of government. The king will be accompanied by a queen consort and a prince. of Wales, as they are both Privy Councillors.

11 am – Then comes the Basic Proclamation. It will be read from a balcony overlooking the Priory in St. James’s Palace. The invocation will be read by the Garter King of Arms accompanied by the Earl Marshal, other officers of Arms and sergeants at arms. This will first public reading of proclamation.

The flags will also fly on full-mast from 11:00 for about 24 hourswhich will be until one hour after announcement made in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. They will then return to half-mast in mourning for Queen. There will be gun salutes also take place in Hyde Park and Tower of London.

12 a.m – BUT second proclamation to be read at the Royal Exchange in London. Further proclamations will be read in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales at 12:00. on Sunday.

In the middle of the day – The king will hold audiences with Prime Minister and Cabinet.

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