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Charging network for electric cars: EU approves investment of 500 million euros

The construction of more charging stations in Germany is funded. (Photo: DavidSch / Shutterstock)

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In order to expand the charging network for electric cars, the federal government can Invest 500 million euros. The EU hopes the investment will help meet the climate goals.

The EU has approved an investment in the German e-car charging network. As reported by the European Commission, Germany is being supported with 500 million euros.

With this new fast and standard charging stations are to be installed and their connection to the power grid are financed. Upgrading or replacing existing charging infrastructure can also be paid for with the fund.

CO2 Reduction through traffic turnaround

The European Commission justified the investment among other things the goal of saving CO2 and meeting the goals of the European Green Deal.

“The scheme will encourage the switch from fossil fuels Promote fuels for electromobility by promoting an open and user-friendly national charging infrastructure “, the Commission announced.

The money comes partly from the European development plan after Corona and partly from national funds. Which projects are funded is decided by public tenders.

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