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Charging electric cars will become cheaper


At the end of last year, it became clear that charging electric vehicles on MVM Mobility chargers would become significantly more expensive. At the time, there was a charging solution that was almost three times as expensive. This was painful for electric car drivers, but even so, charging was significantly cheaper than if you had to fill up with gasoline or diesel fuel.

Many misunderstandings and misconceptions about the outage came to light, and grumbling about the amount of the increase was common. It is possible that these complaints have reached Mobility’s decision makers as, according to a news posted on the company’s website yesterday, electric vehicle charging rates will be reduced at most public charging stations by more than 20 percent on certain types from February 3, 2023.

Worth seeing which chargers charge (Photo: Unsplash/JUICE)

Instead of HUF 285/kWh for e-Mobi AC22 AC and type 2 municipal chargers, only HUF 225/kWh has to be paid from 3 February, according to the company.

At DC e-Mobi DC25 charging points and municipal chargers such as CCS2 and CHAdeMO, the fee per kilowatt hour will be reduced from HUF 305 to HUF 240.

At the more powerful e-Mobi DC50 charging station, which uses time-based charging, you have to pay 190 HUF per minute instead of 240 HUF per minute. These chargers are equipped with CCS2 CHAdeMO and/or Type 2 connectors.

The charge for chargers available in the parking lots of the Spar supermarket chain is also reduced: instead of the previous tariff of 225 forints per kilowatt-hour, you will now have to pay 170 forints.

The per-minute fee for the ultra-fast Recharge DC chargers operated by the Shell well network, currently considered the most expensive, will also be reduced from HUF 415 to HUF 405.

Mobility draws the attention of users to always check the current charging rates on the company’s official app and website before charging.

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