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Chaos on the journey new normal” after Brexit, British tourists warned | Brexit

Long summer queues at the border risk becomes “new normal” post-Brexit vacationers were warned as a bitter diplomatic row erupted with France over long delays affecting Dover.

Both Tory leadership candidates were quick to blame the deficit of French border personnel for delays that caused some travelers to wait for hours. Former Chancellor Rishi Sunak told the French:need stop blaming Brexit and start staffing required to match demand”. Foreign secretary Liz Truss said she in touch with her French colleagues, blaming the “lack of of resources at the border.

However, diplomats, French officials and border guards warned that the delays were result of post- Brexit border measures struggling deal in them first main test from Britain left EU. It comes after vacationers faced long queues for a second a day in Dover on Saturday, while also accumulation on several major highways like families all over the country set out on their summer holidays.

New rules to demand verification of all passports is a pressure that series of experts consider the biggest factor that cannot be easily fixed. Clement Bon, French transport minister, said yesterday that he is cooperating with transport secretary Grant Shapps to ease the trouble but added: “France is not responsible for Brexit.

Clement Beaune, a French transport minister, said France cooperated but “didn’t responsible for Brexit. Photograph: Julien Varnan/EPA

It follows a disappointment among the Port of Dover executives that government turned around down £33 million offer help update port to handle with additional loads of Brexit. Instead it was given just £33,000 in December 2020, 0.1% equivalent of initial request. The port then warned that “the clock is ticking”. Roger Gough, leader of Kent County Council said: “We are still on a little of knife-edge. We have fragile system in the port of Dover and it won’t take long for is to fall over. The pressure is strong and there are fears that it could come on for sometime.”

Lord Ricketts, former ambassador to France said delays were an inevitable outcome of the bureaucracy created by Brexit.

“A lack of of French border force officials shorttermtactical problem,” he said. “Long-term serious issue in that it first times we saw full pressure on border after Brexit. Even if it was full to complement of french border force there will still be big delays because the port of Dover can’t keep up with volume.

“Basic reality it doesn’t matter how there are a lot of them considering the size of port considering fact what government failed invest in empowerment, it will like this – this will be new ordinary.”

He said that good relations and cooperation with the French were best way of alleviate problems, but added: “Of course, the French will look at this and say: “Even again, we have become political football in in party leadership issue’.

Lucy Morton, Immigration Services Professional Officer, also said it was predictable that Brexit cause more violation because of additional required checks by adding: “It’s time to take a bite.”

Pierre-Henri Dumont, the Republican MP whose constituency includes Calais, told Sky News: “Because of Brexit, we need have more checks on passports. We need stamp each passport. We need have checks on who belongs to the European Union.

“[It is] something we shouldn’t have done before Brexit. What we experience does not happen because of [the] bad face of by the French authorities, but since of Brexit. He said it would crash for years, if there was no serious “transformation” of port of Dover.

thousands of trucks queue near Dover amid tourist chaos – video

There are now warnings that delays could get even longer with planned introduction of biometric checks, in accordance with the EU new Entry/exit system. Intense discussions already accepted place between the Ministry of the Interior and the French authorities over their introduction after warnings they could lead queue of 17 miles.

Nonetheless Observer understands that the introduction of in new system most likely to be delayed again how officials try ensure that their introduction causes like a small violation possible. new system Can mean people will be required leave them vehicles for biometric checks. Report of the Commons Transportation Committee on Road freight supply chain warned last month: “Introduction of EU new Later login/logout system in 2022 threatens cause further confusion, disruptions and delays at the UK border, especially in port of Dover. Extremely important government gets power of this is issue”.

Labor Party chairman Anneliese Dodds said: “Although the Conservatives fight among themselves, families stuck waiting hours on the end begin them family holiday like chaos in Dover goes on and one day again in government It has failed to take control of myself.”

Liz Truss blamed the lack of resources at the border.
Liz Truss blamed the lack of resources at the border. Photograph: Henry Nicholls/Reuters

Leila Moran, Liberal Democrat, Foreign affairs the spokesman said, “Now we have zombies government completely incompetent of sorting out this mess out. Traffic jam in Dover not only has a huge impact on family, but also on enterprises and workers already facing skyrocketing prices. Every delay harms our economy and impact on our vital tourism industry. Conservative ministers will be justly accused.”

BUT government the spokesman said: “Lack of of French border guard in Dover, who control of entry into France and an exceptionally high number of people this weekend’s trip led to the roads in Kent is getting extremely busy. We work closely with French authorities, port of Dover, Kent Resilience Forum and police to reduce disruption and ensure on-Earth support.

“We strongly recommend that passengers check latest advice from them operators before the trip and how with any long journey ensure they have enough water and food with them.”

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