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Chairman of the Committee January 6 says Witnesses describe conversations between extremists and Trump’s orbit

Asked by CNN correspondent Jake Tupper, “Will there be witnesses describing real conversations between these extremist groups and anyone in Trump Orbit? Rep. Benny Thompson replied, “Yes.

“Obviously you will have to go through hearings, but we have a number of of witnesses who Came forward what people didn’t talk before that would document a lot of going on in Trump’s orbit, while all of it was happening,” the Mississippi Democrat said.

Thompson did not specify on in nature of conversations, although the evidence is collected in DOJ cases on oathkeepers and proud boys shows that both groups stayed close to certain right-wing dignitaries, especially those they believed provided voluntary “protection” for on January 5 and 6, 2021

Joshua James, Oathkeeper who pleaded guilty to mutiny conspiracy, chauffeur Roger Stone, for example. Stone also has close ties to prominent members of The proud boys are gathering back years.
During the riot, some oath-keepers discussed attempts help Republican Rep. Ronnie Jackson – although they weren’t clear who they were in touch with to inquire about Jackson’s status.
And on the other side of proof in a business against Oathkeepers, lawyer working with in group discussed in touch with people around trump campaign on November 2020 conference recording call.
However, not all contacts are described in such detail. One Oathkeeper said as part of of his fault plea what he witnessed group head Stuart Rhodes call unnamed person night of January 6th and ask to speak to Trump directly. The person is not obliged.

Thompson told CNN’s Erin Burnett on “Outfront” on Friday what panel will show proof of relationship between oath holders and members of in former The president’s inner circle, although they are not found evidence that Trump himself was engaged in directly with in group. The committee, he said, “found close relations with these extremist elements in country, especially the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers.”

“There are people like I said in its orbit that have attracted these groups all along,” Thompson said Friday.

Thompson’s comments follow in panelx first prime- hearing time in which details the conclusions of his investigation and played new closed testimony video of members of Trump team and depiction of violence in the Capitol. The committee introduced the American public up to two of most militant far-right extremist groups in countries that attended on January 6: Proud Boys and Oath Keepers.

These groups were at the forefront of riot. They were among first violate the building and are accused of planning violence.

Explaining the committee’s approach to hearings, Thompson told Tapper that “everything public heard tonight is factual. We can prove It. Because how are you know, fact checkers will look at everything that was presented, and we made conscious effort to put only on what could we prove.”

“So we put tweets from the President. We put on a video from the president,” he continued. “We bet everything on but we bet in an order that public now one could see that even when the president was told by the chief law enforcement officer that he had appointed the lawyer general that there was no fault in elections. Obviously, people he listened not deserving of respect in terms of looking at the evidence. And so, the president blew it off and started listening people who did not have real Earth on in issue.”

Thursday’s hearing was first in a series this month, which will highlight the results of in panelan investigation that included an interview with more than 1000 people about how Trump and his team tried to topple results of 2020 election on multiple fronts.

This story was updated with more details Friday.

Shona Mizell of CNN, Marshall Cohen and Zachary Cohen contributed to this report.


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