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Chainlink and Stratis at the top of the weekly top: the market continues to rise

From July 25 to 31, 2021, the cryptocurrency market continues to recover and prices tend to rise. More than 90% of altcoins rise in price in averages that exceed 30%, according to Live Coin Watch statistics.

The weekly top is headed by chainlink (link ) , which organizes a smart contracts summit. They are followed by stratis (STRAX) , which announced a development kit for videogames; and XRP (Ripple) , whose daily trading doubled in the second quarter of this year.

The five cryptocurrencies are completed with lisk (LSK) , which closes the HackOnLisk event; and litecoin (LTC) , which can now be used for payments in 6 Latin American countries on the online chain Newegg.

The price of bitcoin has remained green during these seven days, reaching over USD 40,000 on July 28 . With this, the pioneering cryptocurrency comes out of the lateralization that kept it below USD 35,000 in the previous weeks. On average, BTC rose 20% in seven days, to trade at USD 41,388 at the time of writing.

Apparently, it was news related to Amazon, the e-commerce giant, that had an impact on The rise. On the one hand, it became known that the company opened a vacancy to hire cryptocurrency experts. To this was added a strong rumor that went viral about the supposed opening of the company to receive payments in bitcoin at the end of this year, which was denied by the company.

It should be noted that the chain had been showing signs bullish . On this, the analytical firm Glassnode said a week ago that the behavior of the so-called entities on-chain , and the retention of BTC by long-term holders, were two of the main factors that could drive a price rally.

Ether (ETH), for its part, follows bitcoin in the price rise. This week it traded between $ 2,113 and $ 2,462 in seven days. On average it rose 12% .

For this coming week the London update is expected to take place on the Ethereum network. The event is estimated to occur on August 5, at the height of block 12,965,000. Currently, the chain is in block 12,930,392, so there would still be some 34,608 blocks to process . 52% of customers have already made the update, according to data from Ether Nodes.

Other relevant cryptocurrencies by market capitalization are also on the rise. Polkadot (DOT) appreciated 18%; and cardano (ADA) advanced more than 7%. Meanwhile, XRP gained more than 20%; and litecoin (LTC) rose 16%, placing the latter two in the weekly top.

According to information published on the Chainlink Twitter account, from next August 5 to 7, the First Summit of Smart Contracts (SmartCon) of this network will be held.

As explained in their message, the conference will bring together more than 200 decentralized application developers (Dapps), Web 3.0 entrepreneurs, node operators and researchers, as well as companies, members of the DeFi sector and the smart contracts ecosystem .

The project has been calling on its community to register for the event, while the price of the native cryptocurrency, LINK, has risen just over 27% in the last seven days. The token reached a maximum of USD 22.60 on July 30 and to date it remains on an upward trend.

The team’s tweets also indicate that Chainlink Labs researchers and engineers will provide information on the progress of Chainlink 2.0. This, while the statistics of the corporate blog indicate that, so far in 2021, 281 different cryptocurrency projects have announced integrations to the oracles of this network. The figure represents 43% of all Chainlink partners.

At press time, LINK’s market capitalization is USD 9,571 million and daily trade volume is USD 1,049 million.

LINK price started to rise on July 30 and reached a peak of USD 22.60. Source: Live Coin Watch.

Stratis launches a development kit for the Unity video game engine

The Stratis team announced, in a blog post on July 30, the release of a new development kit ( SDK) for the Unity cross-platform game engine. The idea is that developers can interact with the platform’s smart contracts ( Stratis Smart Contracts


“This opens up a world of possibilities for game developers, including the integration of non-fungible tokens (NFTs)”, The publication says.

They indicate that with Stratis Unity SDK, game developers will take advantage of Stratis smart contracts to automate transactions more economically than on other video game platforms. The process includes the possibility of issuing NFT within the game , among other various use cases.

In the middle of this announcement, the price of the network’s cryptocurrency, STRAX, began a sustained rise since July 26, when it reached a peak of USD 1.97 .

On average, STRAX appreciated by more than 27% in seven days. The market capitalization is USD 191 million and the daily trade volume is USD 5.8 million.

STRAX hit a weekly high of $ 1.97 on July 26. Source: Live Coin Watch.

XRP daily trading doubled in Q2 2021, based on Ripple

This July 29, the Ripple team presented a report in which it indicates that the volume of daily trading with XRP doubled during the second quarter of 2021, reaching 4,490 million compared to USD 2,260 registered in the previous quarter.

The publication adds that in these last three months Ripple continued to sell its cryptocurrency XRP to improve the experience of its on-demand liquidity (ODL) system . These sales reached USD 157.92 million, about USD 7 million above the figure for the first quarter.

Ripple highlights the fact that these advances have been made despite the lawsuit it filed the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against him last December.

In this context XRP gained more than 20% in seven days. Its price went from USD 0.60 on July 25, to a maximum of USD 0.761 on July 30 . The cryptocurrency began to rise from July 26 in an advance that was accentuated on the 28th.

This, after knowing about Ripple’s association with the remittance company SBI Remit of Japan, with a view to to boost money transfers from Japan to the Philippines through Ripple’s ODL platform.

The market capitalization of XRP is estimated at USD 34,618 million and the daily trade volume is USD 1,961 millions.

The price of XRP reached a high of $ 0.761 on July 31, growing on average more than 17%. Source: Live Coin Watch.

Lisk delivers USD 33,000 in prizes to HackOnLisk hackathon winners

This week the Lisk team closed the online event HackOnLisk, a hackathon aimed at generating new developments for the platform. According to what the project reports in a tweet, in total the event was held online during this month of July.

The presentations consisted mostly of projects for NFT developments, smart contracts and stablecoins. The judges awarded the winners USD 33,000 in prizes, paid in LSK tokens , along with some other non-monetary prizes.

In this context, The price of the cryptocurrency LSK has been in constant advance, reaching a high of 3.22 dollars this July 31. On average it gained 24%.

Lisk also announced the migration to version v3 of its software on the main network, which will take place at the block height of 16,301,501, which will be reached around August 24 .

At the time of writing, LSK’s market capitalization is USD 377 million and its trade volume daily is USD 25.6 million.

The price of LSK peaked at $ 3.22 on July 31. On average it rises more than 24%. Source: Source: Live Coin Watch.

Online chain Newegg enables payments with litecoin

As reported by CriptoNoticias this July 30, the online chain Newegg enabled payments with litecoin (LTC), thus allowing customers from various parts of the world, including 6 countries in Latin America, to buy hardware and products electronic Payments can be made through the Bitpay payment platform, which also added support for altcoin.

In a press release, Bitpay reports that Newegg is the first merchant affiliated with its platform to accept. LTC as a payment method. However, the company expects that other businesses will soon enable support.

The online shopping site operates in countries in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Latin America, particularly in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay .

After this news was released, the price of the cryptocurrency of the platform began steady growth on Monday, July 26, with at least some later corrections . The advance was over 25%, although due to the ups and downs, the weekly average closes at 16%.

The current capitalization of LTC is USD 9,728 million and the daily trade volume is USD 930 million.

The price of LTC it peaked at more than $ 146 on July 30. It grew more than 25% throughout the week. Source: Live Coin Watch.

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