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Cellular services are suspended for Ashura


Muharram 9 passed peacefully amid strict security measures across the Punjab.

1661 funeral processions and 3943 majalis were organized throughout the province. on day.

According to government officials, at least 378 majalis and 75 processions were organized, including four large processions, 16 licensed and 59 others. in provincial capital.

main procession in Lahore started in morning from Pando street, Islampur. Passing through it traditional route of Alamgir Road, Siraj Building, Islampur Main Bazaar, Baba Ground, Secretariat, Central Police Headquarters, Old Anarkali and Khema Sadat which he reached. back on Pando street.

Throughout the route, the mourners shouted slogans.

From time to time zanjir zani also mourners did, while religious scholars turned to them about it.

Among the hot weather in in citySabils of cold water, juices and sweat milk were set up on all routes.

The food was also distributed among people on happening. The Lahore police strictly guarded routes and gatherings.

Roads and streets leading in place were sealed using barbed wire, tents and shipping containers.

participants was allowed to enter from the designated points after checking at several points search, passing metal detectors and walk- through the gate.

As many as 14 SPs, 40 DSPs, 99 inspectors, 810 superiors, 370 female police officers and OMON officers among about

10,000 personnel were deployed for safety on happening. They are also volunteers helped.

About 900 CCTV cameras of Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) has been hired for watching processions.

Drone cameras were also used for observation of routes.

Ban on riding in the back seat was used as part of of security measures.

Mobile communications still did not work on the routes of the procession. in surrounding areas throughout the province.

Lahore Traffic Police on duty over 2500 overseers under supervision of 11 DSPs and 141 inspectors.

Senior police officers including Chief of Police Ghulam Mehmood Dogar, Chief of Operations DIG Afzal Kausar, Chief Technical Officer Muntazir Mehdi as well as security and safety officers patrolled their areas to review security measures.

Punjab Police set up control room at the Central Police Office (CPO) to monitor the security situation throughout the province.

IG Faisal Shahkar visited the control room and said the facility was open 24 hours a day. hours security day of processions and mahalis on 9 and 10 of Muharram.

He said security measures for in events were continuously monitored from the control room, and the situation was observed moment by moment until the conclusion of all processions.

Shahkar said he was banned on riding in the back seat in all areas of province and restrictions under section 144 were strictly enforced.

He said mobile telephone communication was partially cut off in critical places in selected areas. CCTV cameras have been installed on trails for watching processions in all areas.

Inspector general said steps was taken under comprehensive strategy in accordance with standard operating issued procedures for security of in main processions and mahalis of Day of Ashura in all areas of provinces.

All processions and gatherings will be strictly observed schedule and routes, subject to with Loudspeaker law with ban of broadcasting of offensive content Need to provide, said the provincial police chief.

Additional IG operations Sahibzada Shahzad Sultan and other officers were also gift on happening.

Published in Express Tribune, 9 August.th2022.

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