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CBSE Class 10 and 12 results: Recheck the attachment to be available From July 26

The board release final results for Grades 10 and 12 on Friday, and online Application process for verification of will marks start Tuesday. However, they can only apply for verification of 2 degrees.

When board Participate in the first semester exam results with Schools, earlier this yearStudents were able to express their dissatisfaction with Those marks to CBSE at that time and appeal for Re-examination. The board have taken a special decision That if their first trimester marks increase after re-examination, it will be taken into account for The final resultbut if the scores decrease after re-examination, the original And the higher Marks will be counted for The result. according to boardthis is decision Captured ‘Looking at special The conditions under which the first semester examinations were conducted.

but, with Term 2 resultsno change in Marks after verification or re-evaluation will be final It will be calculated in they final results.

Apart from this, 12th graders who want a chance to improve performance Will have the opportunity to try to improve performance in one Topics in The improvement Exam. cabin exams for Both classes will be held from August 23 and only on Syllabus of the second semester exams.

For the Academy 2021-22 yearCBSE introduced forked format with two terms: Range- I board Exams are done in november december last yearWhile the second semester exams were held in This April and May year. This was done as a temporary arrangement for avoid Repetition of 2021 when both Class 10 and Class 12 board exams had to be canceled due to second plank of COVID-19 pandemic.

Whereas the Chapter 1 paper was completely objective and contained only multiple-choice questions, the Chapter 2 paper followed the board exam format. In the final result Scheduling, CBSE decided give Unequal weight of candidates performance in the two terms.

The board gave 30% weight to the students performance in First term theory paper and 70% weight for registered marks in Chapter 2 for down to final results. This decisionThe Board said, it was made Based on on Student notes.

“The prevailing comments received after the first semester (theory) exams were that students could not perform they full Ability in First term exams as they should appear for thematic style for The first time in The board Exams without any sufficient precedent or practice’,” said the CBSE press release on Friday.

It further states, “The prevailing reactions for Semester 2 exams were more positive, with illness performance expressed by the students. The board Views sought of A large number of principles and departments through a consultative mechanism, on The relative weight that will be given to the two terms to me arrive in a boat final result.

The decision to me give Unequal weighting of theory papers of Both terms It elicited mixed reactions from school principals and students of Affiliate schools. On Friday, many students started tweeting with Two different hashtags on Twitter (#CBSEstudentsWantJustice and #BestOfEitherTerms), asking the council to consider best performance in also of the two terms.

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