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Cars drifted away as the roads of Indore turned into rivers after heavy rain

Many low-lying areas were flooded after heavy rains.


Cars were seen drifting on Streets like rivers overflowing from disaster movie in Indore Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday.

Many low-lying areas were flooded after heavy rains.

many of those who they were in Cars that were swept away by local residents were rescued.

Mayor of Indore Pushhyamitra Bhargav also He arrived at the scene and supervised the rescue work.

On Monday, it swept at least 14 cars while swept about 50 cars people he ran for safety to me higher Places in Jungle in Khargaun district in Madhya Pradesh due to sudden rise of Water in Police said he river after it rained.

The peopleIncluding women And the childrenThey were all from Indore County, they were on Enjoying a Sunday evening picnic near the Seddi River in Chick forest under the boundaries of Balwada Police Station, additional supervisor of Police said Jitendra Singh Pawar.

After it rains in The area of ​​the river’s water level rose suddenly.

Hikers rushed to higher Places in Jungle to save themselves, leave their cars and sports service vehicles (four-wheel drive vehicles) behindThe official He said.

At least 14 cars, including some SUVs, were swept away in Water said.

After the police were notified, I arrived at the scene and stopped out 10 cars and SUVs with The help of tractors of local villagers.

cars, however, failed to me start Because of technical gaps where the water entered vehiclesThe official He said. Hikers were later sent to homes in else vehiclesHe said.

Three more cars were swept away off places, while one He was stuck near a bridge pole, he said.

The local police have been asked to put up a board in The areaReporting danger of Sudden rise in water in such places official He said.

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