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Carrion now available for PlayStation 4

Indie game Carrion is now available for PlayStation 4 and via backward compatibility for PlayStation 5.

The game was released last year for Switch, PC and Xbox One, but is now also available on PS4. A launch trailer can be seen below.’

In Carrion, the player is not the victim, but the unknown phenomenon that all other characters of lace makes. The user plays as a creature of unknown origin and with many tentacles.

The aim of the game is to take revenge on the employees who trapped the monster. As the player devours employees, new abilities are unlocked that once again help the monster find its way to freedom.

Carrion received a 6, 5 on Gamer.nl: “Initially it seems like Carrion is leaning on the original principle of ‘reversed horror’, where the player is the monster. It eventually culminates in a fairly basic metroidvania with a nice 80s style and some fun gameplay ideas .”


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