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Card market 2021

We have a challenging period behind us. As in all areas of our lives, the pandemic was significantly affected by the development of payment habits and the spread of digital payments. During the epidemic, cash payments fell sharply and cashless payment solutions came to the fore. The use of bank cards has grown in popularity, and the rise of electronic payments has accelerated. In addition to the epidemic, the launch of the immediate payment system also thoroughly rewrote financial habits. Utilizing the features of the system, more and more innovative solutions are created. We can also observe the multitude of new services and innovations through the mass appearance of finteches.

At the IIR Hungary Annual Card Market Conference On the 25th , experts from the sector will meet again to discuss the experience of the recent period, the opportunities and solutions following the challenges, and to learn about the latest developments and innovations.

The first day maps the domestic situation: The Head of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank will discuss current issues in the development of domestic electronic payments.

Word will be on the development of domestic payment trends from the perspective of Ingenico Hungary .
The strategic and development director of GIRO Zrt.

Professionals are exploring one of the most important topics today, sustainability for cards. Representatives of IDEMIA Hungary will give a presentation on bank cards made from recycled materials, card activation with our mobile phone and a fingerprint that replaces the PIN code. The head of the Granite Bank bank card business and the CEO of GB Solutions discuss the topic of sustainability. from the point of view of innovation, seek answers to the extent and how banks should play a role in customers’ environmental efforts.

SIA SIA SpA his representative will give a presentation entitled “Transit and Mobility as a Service solution; SoftPOS”. The Business Development Director of Mastercard will present developments in the Doppio Infrastructure Development Program.
There will also be a discussion on the “dethronement” of credit cards and the effects of foreign change

Participants in the round table will exchange views on, inter alia, the future of the physical bank card. how long is it needed, what will it look like in the future

On the second day of the conference, digitization will come to the fore: GKI Digital Research and Consulting Ltd. we can get an answer to where Hungary is in the field of digital finances. The head of the department of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank will talk about the level of digitization of the Hungarian banking system

The experts will discuss the hybrid and QR code OTP Mobil Kft. and the latter Raiffeisen Bank Zrt.

The rapporteur of Visa Hungary will present the Visa Click to Pay solution, which is a offers an effective solution to a key problem: that customers do not close the window immediately before payment and proceed with the payment process.

RowanHill Digital Ltd. courtesy of who is the most digital? Within the framework of their banking app review, the mobile netbank applications with the 11 largest retail customers were examined from the user’s point of view, and the results will be shared at the event.

and service providers have strengthened customer authentication. The expert of CAPSYS Informatikai Kft. will talk about this topic, and the expert of Mastercard will talk about it.

You can hear about the experience of the introduction of online SCA and the development of card fraud from the perspective of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank .

On this day, the relationship between Hungarian mobile banks and Revolut will be discussed, as well as cryptocurrency innovations in the world of commercial payments.

The Card Conference is a great opportunity to stop and look around for a short time. What’s happening in the world? Where are we going? What trends are outlining in our sector, and what do experts think of all this? What opportunities do we have on the threshold of open banking and an open economy? Is the card and the immediate payment still a competitor?

Card market 2021
Card market 2021
Card market 2021

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