Capitol rioter Guy Reffit received the longest sentence of Jan. 6, but no increase in terrorism

Capitol rioter Guy Reffit received the longest sentence of Jan. 6, but no increase in terrorism

WASHINGTON is a fan of Donald Trump from Texas. who tried to storm the US Capitol while armed with a gun was sentenced to more than 7 years old in prison on Monday after a judge denied a Justice Department request for “increase in terrorism” that would lead to in longer prison sentence.

Guy Refit was first On January 6, the defendant will appear in court. own son actually a tip off FBI couple of a few weeks before January 6, but did not hear back until attack. government had a huge amount of proof against Refitt, including his friend’s testimony that Refitt had zip-ties and that the duo made a decision carry guns because they’d rather be “tried by a jury of twelve than carried six.”

Refit was convicted on five bills in March including transport of firearms in support of civil unrest and obstruction of en official sequel, although he didn’t make it to the Capitol or use physical abuse because he was eventually incapacitated after assaulting the police.

In court on Monday, Reffit called himself a “fucking idiot” and “not thinking clearly” when he tried to storm the US Capitol.

“I obviously screwed up up” Refit said.

“I did want definitely apologize, apologize multiple times and take responsibility because I really hate what I did,” he said.

Refit, who was a member of Texas III%ers, told the judge he ain’t no more want associate with militia groups or ‘or any dumb shit like what.”

Judge Dabney L. Friedrich, nominated by Trump and former member of The U.S. Sentencing Commission said giving Reffitt an increased sentence for carrier gun during commission of a crime as well as for commission crime of domestic terrorism will lead to unequal sentences with other defendants on 6 January.

“A lot of of cases where the defendants committed very violent attacks and even carried weapons … who did not receive this suspension, ”said Freudrich.

The prosecutor’s office argued that the upward deviation for terrorism was justified because Reffit “planned government”.

“He’s not done yet,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Nestler said. “January 6th was the preface.”

“We do believe that what he was doing that day was terrorism, we do believe that he is a domestic terrorist,” Nestler continued.

Refit wore camera on his body it recorded his aggressive rhetoric during the Trump rally leading up to the riots.

Guy Refitt at the Capitol on January 6, 2021US District Court for COLUMBIA REGION

“I take the Capitol with everyone else, damn it,” Guy Refit said. in his own entryas “Tiny Dancer” played at the January 6th Trump rally. “We’re all going to drag these bastards out kick and scream, I don’t give ass i just want see Pelosi head hit every damn staircase on in way out and Mitch McConnell too, fuck them all… It’s time to take over our country back… I think we have everything we need to make this happen.”

He also recorded a meeting on Zoom on his computer where he spoke in detail about his actions on January 6.

Nestler claimed that Reffit “is in class in itself”, but Friedrich said that she “is not sure I agree with in government on what’s given how many other defendants on January 6 said the same thing.

“This defendant has some frightening allegations that on delusional and they are extremely for court,” Friedrich said. “But so are the other defendants. That’s what I’m trying to convey.”

Under Friedrich’s rulings, with no improvement in the sentence, Reffitt’s recommended sentences were between 87 and 108 months. in federal prison.

The prosecutor’s office argued during the trial in March that Reffit ‘lit match“ on West side of Capitol on January 6, leading crowd up towards the Capitol building where the rioters broke in.

“He was in awe of what he did, what the mob did,” the U.S. attorney told the jury. “Back home in Texas, he thought he was gone with It.”

In a court on On Monday, Assistant U.S. Attorney Risa Bercower read a short letter from Reffitt. son Jackson Refitt, who testified against his father. He wanted mental health treatment to be a part of of his father sentence.

“My father lost myself over countless things,” wrote Jackson Refitt. ” prison system should get used to not destroy person, but to rehabilitate one”.

Former US Capitol Police Officer Shauni Kerckhoff also issued a statement on the impact on the victim, asking for in maximum sentence for Refit because of its disadvantage of remorse, his pride in His actions and the turmoil he caused.

“His actions were not actions of patriotism, they were acts of domestic terrorism,” Kerhoff said.

Peyton Refit, one of Guy Refit’s daughters, told her father did not pose a threat and that his mental health real issue”She had hard time to make it through some of her statement because she was overcome with emotion and it father visibly wept.

Refitta daughter had previously written a letter to the judge saying it was “extremely embarrassing” that her father — like a lot of of “medium white men”- sucked in Trump and that her father “fell on his knees when President Trump spoke.”

“President Trump deceived my father and many other normal citizens with families think it is past elections were rigged”, 18-year-old wrote in her letter.

On Monday, she announced that her father not play leadership role on January 6.

“My father’s name was not on all the flags that were there that day, that everyone was carrying,” she said. in court. “It was the name of another person.”


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