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Can the governor rule be imposed in Punjab?

BUT view of Punjab Assembly.

Federal government works on governor’s summary rule in Punjab after the Supreme Court removed Hamza Shahbaz Sharif as Chief Minister Interior Minister Rana Sanullah said on Wednesday.

minister warned PTI government in Punjab forbade him to come to the province, saying that it would provide them with reason to do this.

However, experts are not convinced of the minister’s reasoning and challenged it logic.

Speaking with Geo Newslawyer and presenter Muneeb Farooq said that “The governor’s rule is used as symbolic terminology in country.

“There is a position in Constitution – Article 232 – on the state of emergency and introduced in extremely extreme circumstances,” he said.

“The president of Pakistan issues notice in in this connection and after he is satisfied that certain circumstances exist in country like there is internal unrest or war-like a situation that is out of control of regional administration.

In this situation, according to him, the federal government exercises its powers vested in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

But there must be good reasons for this is. There is no violence here now, yes, there is political polarization and we all have to be very careful. in language”.

The host said that the federal government should currently show restraint because there is new government in Punjab and Sanaullah should also cannot be provoked.

He added that PTI leaders like Fawad Chaudhry and Shahbaz Gill, who nothing’s at stake, shouldn’t give provocative statements.

“Mistakes could have been made on the part of the PML-N, but this provocation could lead to a major disaster anyone may be affected. Both sides should learn to coexist and respect each other’s powers.”

He further said that if any atrocity is committed without any justification, then it will be contested. in judgment and may be struck down. This will only increase political polarization.

What is Article 232?

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