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Can sedition law be stopped? Reply tomorrow, the Supreme Court tells the center

Supreme Court on Sedition: “We have to look at both sides,” said the Chief Justice.

New Delhi:

The Supreme Court asked today government to reply tomorrow on Whether the law of strife can be stopped and people The accused under which they can be protected while reviewing colonial era law. day after government He said she decided review On them, the Supreme Court expressed concern about these already facing Accusations of sedition.

“We will give You have until tomorrow morning to take instructions from government. Our concern is the outstanding issues and future cases, how The government will take care of Until re-examination of the law, “Chief Justice of India NV Ramana said.

In order to protect the interest of people who be already Booked under Sedition Law as well future Cases, the center of the response file on Whether it can be kept in pending until the law is re-examined,” the Chief Justice directed.

Earlier, the court asked government tough questions on his request for more the time in Yes review Law and about accidents of Misuse of Law.

“the state says They recheck. But we cannot be illogical. We will have to decide how “A lot of time must be given,” said Chief Justice Ramana.

“Can someone stay in jail for months? affidavit says Civil liberties. How will you protect these liberties,” the chief justice asked.

Lawyer for The petitioners, Gopal Sankaranarayan, said it had become a “pattern” with The government seeks to more It’s time to put off the important issues, back to the marital rape session.

“We have to look at both sides,” the chief justice said.

On affidavit says The Prime Minister is aware and has often spoken about civil liberties, human rights and diversity of 75 years of Independence and outdated laws are being repealed and laws that hinder people and concerned About civil liberties and so on. They say they are doing a serious workout. He. She should We don’t seem illogical. There are concerns about outstanding issues and misuse.”

The ICC informed Prosecutor Tushar Mehta that “the Prosecutor himself mentioned in previous hearing how Sedition suit has been filed in Maharashtra for Reciting the Hanuman Chalisa.” (Reference to the filed case against (Independent MP Navnit Rana)

CJI to the center: the same AG male how I filed a case in Maharashtra for Hanuman Chalisa recitation

Attorney General Tushar Mehta said that the First Information Reports (FIRs) under the Sedition Act were executed by the center, not the center.

One of The judges, Judge Surya Kant, proposed adjourning the hearing on cases of discord.

“Mr. Mehta takes two to three months. Adjustment of The law takes time. but why not issue Steering from the center around future The judge said.

We can’t say what will happen in future…these are criminal offenses. he was not there history Where use of the Penal Code has been prohibited,” the government’s attorney said.

Judge Hema Kohli said: “But you said the states file for food security information. So you are telling states that until the matter is decided, do not bring justice in the criminal investigation area for sedition.

The attorney general said there were rulings that advised the court not to do so trigger Happy about the discord FIRs. “So it is dealt with on Mr. Minta said.

And on Monday, two days after his resolute defense of the sedition law and the Supreme Court’s request to reject it challenges to it, the government He said she decided review legislation.

She said she had decided to “reconsider and reconsider” the sedition law through an “appropriate forum”. in changing of Attitude just After two days of vigorously defending colonial-era penal law, the also Supreme Court urged not to ‘invest time’ in Validity Check of Its provisions once again.

at new An affidavit has been submitted in The center told the Supreme Court, “In spirit of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahutsav (75 years old) of independence) and vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Government of India has decided to reconsider the provisions and reconsider them of Article 124a, Sedition Law.”


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