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Californian Mercedes-Benz ‘something out of 007 movie,’ had a license plate fin, gas device

Police in Southern California arrested two suspects on Tuesday in connection with vehicle burglaries who we found horseback riding in a car straight out of “James Bond” movieThey said.

Yasmine Kambur, 37, and Chris Hyun, 44, both residents of garden grove in Orange County, were taken into custody after someone called the Irvine Police Department and reported seeing them. in garage.

The informant said they identified the suspects and their 2008 Mercedes Benz C300, which may have been involved in the case. in line of vehicle burglary, according to Fox Los Angeles.

Which officers found there was something out of modern spy film.

“Suspect vehicle there was something out of @007 movie”, the department wrote. in Facebook post.

The officers found device that flips the rear license plate with push of button, authorities said. Moreover, they allegedly found “complicated gas transfer device” that transfers fuel directly into their gas tank.

The police arrested two people in connection with theft.
Irvine Police Department/Facebook
Cash on hood of car.
Cache of cash was also found in in vehicle.
Irvine Police Department/Facebook

Inside the carofficers found break-in tools, stolen property and evidence of personality theft, the police department said. detectives also restored earlier stolen vehicle.

Kambur and Huynh were arrested. on suspicion of vehicle break-in, vehicle theftpersonality theft, possession of stolen property and possession of break-in tools.

Kambur is held in Orange County jail on $95,000 bond. Huynh was released on Thursday, according to jail records.

Rear license plate flipped back
vehicle was feature which allowed users to flip the rear license plate with Press of button.
Irvine Police Department/Facebook
Police found “complicated gas transfer deviceā€ in in vehicle also.
Irvine Police Department/Facebook


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