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California: Former director indicted after push special needs student to the ground, say the authorities


BUT former main in California has been blamed with misdemeanor Wednesday for “abuse of a child with a health hazard” after he was caught on camera shoving aggressively student with special in need of land, according to local authorities and court documents.

Earlier this week, Fresno Unified School District released CCTV footage. of currently-former Walters Elementary School Principal, Brian Wollhardt, pushes an unidentified 11-year-old student to the ground in June while he and other employees were working with “upset student”. The video does not contain sound and students face was blurred.

In video student makes a gesture towards Vollhardt and seems to be pointing a finger at him twice before former director shoves student. No it’s not clear resulting up to the incident.

“Instead of of de-escalation of the situation, which is what we expect of teacher in our system, former the director decided to aggressively shove student down instead” Superintendent Bob Nelson said during news conference Wednesday.

The child’s guardian, Anne Frank, told CNN affiliate KFSN that the case was being held at the police department until she complained about her absence. of charges two weeks ago. it took school district three months before show her video added.

According to arrest sworn warrant obtained by KFSN, Vollhardt said that student shouted and received in Prime suspect face» under threats. Citing an ongoing investigation, police and the school district declined to comment on Vollhardt’s comments in affidavit.

“You can’t put force these children like this,” Frank said. in Interview with CFSN. “My son autistic. Any parents when they see this video know what I feel now. My son was pushed with force this principal who should have protected him.”

Fresno police chief Paco Balderama admitted during news conference system failed act quickly in this case.

“I found out about the incident two days ago. Around 15:00 on Tuesday.” Balderrama said on Thursday. “We have since gone back and looked at our process on how these types of cases are being considered. I’m like the chief of police want be notified any time such a serious attack occurs in Any one of our schools. That did not happen in this case.”

Both Nelson and Balderrama said the director’s actions were inexcusable. with Nelson adds that the video shows is “disgusting”.

Vollhardt was staged on administrative leave on June 8 after the district became aware of incident, Nelson said. Area also notified the Fresno police and Child Protective Services, he added.

According to Nelson, Vollhardt resigned before the county completed its investigation.

Vollhardt was later hired as deputy director. in Golden Plains Unified School District. Martin Marcias, superintendent of the school district, told CNN that they made aware of June 7 incident on Wednesday and have since placed Vollhardt on administrative leave.

Roger Wilson, Vollhardt’s attorney, said he contacted the district attorney. office for more information and cannot make a substantiated statement about the incident until he receives information from the district attorney. office. Meanwhile he says he set a trial date for Vollhardt, Wilson said.

According to Nelson, student physically okay and got emotional support.

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