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Cable is threatened with drowning in the dark with the onset of winter for this reason

The Afghan capital may plunge into darkness with the onset of winter because the country’s new Taliban rulers have not paid electricity companies in Central Asia or resume collecting money from consumers.

Resigned Daoud Noorzai warned As CEO of the Electricity Company, he said, “Unless it is addressed quickly, the situation could cause a humanitarian catastrophe, nearly two weeks after the Taliban seized power on August 15.” “This would be a really dangerous situation,” he said.

Electricity imports from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan account for half of Afghanistan’s energy consumption nationally, with Iran providing additional supplies in the west of the country.

The local production, mostly in hydroelectric power stations, was affected by this year’s drought. Afghanistan lacks a national electricity grid, and Kabul is almost entirely dependent on energy imported from Central Asia.

Currently, power is plentiful in the Afghan capital, a rare – albeit fleeting – improvement since the Taliban seized power. This is partly because the Taliban are no longer attacking transmission lines from Central Asia, and another reason is that with industry idle and military and government facilities largely idle, a much larger share of the energy supply ends up with resident consumers, eliminating

However, this is likely to end abruptly if suppliers in Central Asia – notably Tajikistan, whose relationship with the Taliban is rapidly deteriorating – decide to cut power because Payment.

Tajikistan has given shelter to anti-Taliban resistance leaders such as former Vice President Amrullah Saleh, and recently deployed additional troops to its border with Afghanistan, prompting Russia to call on both countries to de-escalate.

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