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Bye-bye, Robin Hood: this automatic bow never misses its target

Wighton and his automatic bow. (Screenshot: t3n / Youtube)
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An arc that Even hitting a moving target without the shooter actually having to aim is at least a spectacular feat of engineering that impresses. A certain fear may also arise.

The Youtuber Shane Wighton runs the Channel “Stuff Made Here”, on which he has already presented some amazing inventions. His most recent work is an arc that aligns itself with a defined goal and then never misses it. The automatic bow hits the target even when it is in motion.

Man spans the ground, the bow does the rest

Human help is only needed to a limited extent. In any case, the operator does not have to look at the target or make any other special effort. It is enough to pull the bowstring backwards. The rest is done by the automatic mechanism, which is attached to Wighton’s torso along with a bow. The Youtuber comments: “Being good at something is so 20th century”.

In his video, Wighton documented the development process of his latest experiment in a meaningful way. It ends with the bow even shooting a tiny Lego apple from the head of a Lego man.

A lot of high-tech is used. Using sensors, cameras and a solid piece of software, Wighton created an automatic positioning system that always aims at exactly the right spot. It anticipates movements and reacts faster by the milliseconds it takes to hit a flying object. Before the shot, the positioning system automatically measures itself to the selected target and automatically releases the tendon.

Wighton is a kind of “crazy genius”

Wighton is known for his mostly crazy and basically completely useless inventions. He has already presented a cartridge-powered baseball bat that can hit incredibly long home runs, a basketball hoop that catches every ball and a robotic arm with a chainsaw that carves a dog sculpture out of a block of styrofoam.

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