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By this time, VW plans to push Tesla into competition in the market

Volkswagen will double the size of its charging and energy division, introduce new payment technology next year and enter into new alliances to fight Tesla in a key battlefield for electric vehicles (EV):

Europe’s largest carmaker does not rely on the availability of sufficient quick-charge connectors and electricity for the electric cars it wants to sell. Volkswagen hopes to convince drivers who are concerned about the range of the batteries that they will be able to give up their fossil fuel vehicles once and for all. spent a decade at the German energy companies RWE and Innogy to help the carmaker move better to defeat Tesla.

Temme, 53, has held this position since January and

To achieve this, more staff are needed and Temme plans to double its Volkswagen’s European charging and energy division (Elli) has grown to about 300 people after tripling it this year, Reuters said.

“We invest in huge growth areas that don’t always have to be profitable right away. We always see these investments in the general context of our group strategy. That’s why building a comprehensive infrastructure is key, “explained VW’s energy guru.

According to a Reuters analysis, Volkswagen is far at the forefront of its investment plans for EVs and batteries worldwide by 2030. It plans to spend € 35 billion on battery-powered EVs by 2025. However, in the area of ​​fast-charging networks, which many analysts say are key to the proliferation of electric cars, VW still has a long way to go

It has a global network of thousands of fast chargers, which the company claims can provide enough charge for a range of 200 km in 15 minutes. In October, Volkswagen expects its own network to have doubled in the last 18 months and to triple in the next two years. its fast charging network will almost quadruple to expand to about 45,000, with 18,000 in Europe, 17,000 in China and 10,000 in North America. Volkswagen announced in March that it planned to spend € 400 million by then to expand its fast-charging network on the continent.

In Europe, the Volkswagen Group, together with rival carmakers BMW, Daimler Mercedes-Benz, Ford and Together with Hyundai, he is a shareholder in an EU fast-charging company called Ionity. It has also teamed up with energy companies such as Italy’s Enel, Britain’s BP and Spain’s Iberdrola to close geographic gaps and develop a blueprint for how EV infrastructure funding can be shared across industries. “Different models are conceivable, from product partnerships to joint ventures,” Temme told Reuters.

Tesla has already shown that car sales alone are no longer enough for EVs. It has adopted a model that offers everything from cars to battery packs to solar panels and electricity in some U.S. states.

Volkswagen now sells electricity to retail customers who purchase EVs. or plug-in hybrids. According to Temme, one of its tariffs – which is also available to customers who do not have a VW – has attracted more than 10,000 customers since its launch in July. VW plans to make its fast chargers available to all EV drivers, unlike Tesla, which has so far only reserved its supercharger network for Tesla drivers, with the exception of a pilot program in the Netherlands.

” We take a different approach from Tesla to building our charging infrastructure. We want an open, non-discriminatory charging network and we are developing our services to make our offerings more convenient, simpler and more attractive, “said Temme.

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