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Bushra’s close friend Bibi Farah Khan flies to Dubai

Farah Khan, close friend of former first Lady Bushra Bibi, has left for Dubai after the collapse of National Assembly in commemoration of mistrust move against Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Apart from Farah, other leaders of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) also started to leave for abroad, Express news reported.

According to sources in PTI, Farah left for Dubai today (Sunday), adding that her husband also resides in emirate state.

It is pertinent to mention here that the chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party, Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, as well as the vice-president of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, Maryam Nawaz, mentioned Farah Khan several times. times recently and accused her of participation in corruption.

Responding to accusations outgoing prime minister Imran’s close aide Shehbaz Gill said that Maryam started harassing Bushra’s friend after she couldn’t find any grounds for her criticism.

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According to him, Farah did not hold any public post and she was not a member of PTI.

Earlier today, a Cabinet department issued a notice deregistering Imran Khan. prime minister of Pakistan after the President dissolved the National Assembly after the Prime Minister sent a summary in commemoration of mistrust move against to him.

Article 94 of Constitution, President Alvi instructed the Prime Minister to continue perform his duties as leader of country to caretaker prime minister appointed, Express news reported.

Cabinet of Ministers also issued a notice to dissolve federal cabinet of 52 members. Cabinet of Ministers also notified 25 federal ministers and four ministers of condition.

Vice Speaker of the National Assembly Kasim Suri resigns no-confidence petition of the united opposition for the removal prime minister as he called it “unconstitutional” under Article 5.


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